Monday, October 8, 2012

Innocent bystander killed in Ecorse club shooting: when black women die and bullets aren't meant for them

Only 22 years old, this young lady, Chanel Weddington was gunned down when she went to visit her boyfriend in front of the Ecorse club.   Her boyfriend was also shot in the stomach and he survived.  The gunman shot at the wrong people, but regardless, he has to face justice, because one precious life is gone.   It is time to realize we must love our sisters, even those we do not know, because often times, they get shot and the bullets are not meant for them.   However, even when the bullets are meant for them, we must consider encouraging our sisters to realize evil exist and it is good to love each other. 

The cycle of being nonchalant when our sisters are hurting still goes on among some black women.  For instance, when many black women heard about Tameka Foster, they instantly took sides with Usher, meanwhile our sisters everywhere are yet getting shot to dead, all across America.  We do not only experience this nonchalance, regarding famous black women, but also within our homes, the very ones whom are supposed to support us, turn against us for men who disrespect us.  We still hear the most popular question in our minds, why are black women dying everywhere, but sisters, there is a lack of respect among black women and we hardly can get them to admit when they are wrong.   The killing may never stop until God sees many black women admitting they are wrong to support the enemy of other black women whom have been brought down so low within the black race.  

May Chanel Weddington rest in peace.   In the meantime, we will continue to pray for her boyfriend and family.  

Sisters, are you saved?  Do you feel flustered because often times other black women have turned against you for men whom have dogged you?    Possibly, you lost a someone dear like Chanel and you see things are just not changing among our sisters.   Jesus Christ loves us so much more than those cold and trifling black women and some heartless black men.  Jesus loves you, but He wants you to realize as we continue to witness these murders among our sisters, He wants you to get to know Him.   If this is you, please rush to our Salvation page, now.  God bless you and welcome to the body of Christ.

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Fox 2 News Headlines 

Innocent bystander killed in Ecorse club shooting

 By Alexis Wiley, FOX 2 News

ECORSE, Mich. (MyFox Detroit) -

Police are investigating after a shooting at an Ecorse social club leaves one woman dead. We're told her boyfriend was also shot and injured when more than 35 shots were fired into a crowd. Police sources tell us the building and the club are owned by Ecorse councilwoman...Read full article, here.

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