Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Father who posted Facebook picture of bound and gagged two-year-old daughter acquitted: Black women, be careful who you choose to father your kids

This father, Andre Curry allegedly claims he was just playing when he posted a photo of his daughter on Facebook, which showed her bound and gagged.  We feel Curry's excuse is nonsense, although his sister backs him up.  We do not believe either one.  Since when did binding and gagging your kids with their mouths taped shut become acceptable as a joke?   It seems as though the judge and jury believed Curry, because he was acquitted of unlawful restraint.   Black women, what type of men are a lot of our sisters hooking up with in this era?

Also, according to Mail Online, the Facebook post read, 'This is wut [sic] happens wen my baby hits me back,' and a smiley face.  Really, we are frowning just about now and do not see anything thing funny.  Many people within our American society are so wicked, they take certain things lightly, but we as black women have been abused too much to ignore this alleged report.   This hurts so much, because those of us who adults have suffered emotional scars from our childhood and when we see young black girls being allegedly mistreated, it hurts even more.  Therefore, this evidently reveals we are living in a society where all black females are hated, no matter how young or how old.  

Sisters, we want to forewarn you to be careful whom you allow to impregnate you, because no child should ever have to suffer the insult of their parent's alleged careless behavior.   This is embarrassing for a young child whom may grow up to learn about why her father was almost convicted (and still could be convicted for another charge) for showing her bound and gagged on Facebook.  Black women, let us tell you what else vexed our spirits, Yesmin Doss, the mother of this young girl supports Andre Curry.  Now, we as black women whom know Christ must began to pray for God not to allow some women to become mothers if they support this type of foolishness.  This shows you the mind of some young adults these days, both black men and black women, they do not seem to take things serious when it comes to their children. 

Thank God, Andre Curry maybe facing an aggravated battery charge, which could get him up to seven years in prison if convicted of the crime.   So, he may have gotten off for unlawful restraint, which we still cannot understand, but-he still may do time for aggravated battery charge.

Christian black women, let us pray for more good parents within our society, because it seems like too many people are making light of what hurt black females and this is one of them. In the meantime, we will keep this baby-girl in our prayers and also pray for her parents to repent and accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. 

Father who posted Facebook picture of bound and gagged two-year-old daughter cleared of unlawful restraint 

By James Nye

A Chicago man who bound his 22-month-old daughter with tape and posted a photo on Facebook was acquitted Tuesday of unlawful restraint and will find out the verdict on a second charge next week.

Cook County Circuit Judge Lawrence Flood acquitted the 22-year-old father, Andre Curry, of one charge after a bench trial. 

The Chicago Tribune reported Flood later said he wanted...Read full article, here.


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