Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Chad seen on lunch date with actress AJ Johnson: Should Black Women Be Cougars and why not?

There is already a negative reaction all over the internet, regarding Chad being seen out with AJ Johnson.   We want to remind you ladies that as you get older you are not less of a woman, but you become better and wiser, especially when you learn how to ignore many black men and some black women whom try to bring down your dignity.   If this beautiful black man and black women were seen together, then-hallelujah!  All this means is that we are naturally going back to God's original plan.   Furthermore, Chad is like Usher, he is of age, just 34 years old and AJ nor Tameka have robbed the cradle, but men have relationships with various ages of younger women for many years now and no one says a thing about that.  

Let us discuss the theme of this article, because there seems to be a natural hatred against older women with younger men, which is pure prejudice.   As black women, we just do not get that double-standard backlash from some black men, but many black women think of us as less.   No wonder it has been so extra hard for us, because if we do not have many black women to understand why we make some choices that we do, then it is easy for the rest of the world, which includes some doggish black men to bring us down.   Anyway sisters, should we as black women be cougars?   Our response may hit you hard, but this is reality, we as black women have been through enough hell and must tackle this issue which haunts us with prejudice.   So, if the black man in mature in the mind and spirit to be with us as older black women, there is a good chance for the relationship to work out.   For some reason, naturally, many women are more mature than men, even if they are the same age as us, why this is, is unknown.   However, there are some younger men whom are on our level, depending on their background and how they were raised, we are not speaking of those whom are straight out of high school, but only those whom have been grown for so long.   Therefore, we tip our hats off to AJ Johnson and Chad, if they were on a date for a potential relationship.   

As for Usher and Tameka, in our opinion, Usher was extremely immature and seems to be a mama's boy (baby-boy).  Even a man who is around our age can be a mama's boy, and some can be very immature, so maturity does not have to do with age, it has to do with how the individual was raised and the how they relate with their mothers.   Therefore, in Usher's case, we sense that he could be too close to his mother, and there is a possibility his mother allegedly saw Tameka as a threat, because she felt she would take her role as a mother without failing to realize all her daughter in-law wanted was to have good marriage with a good man.   Learn from that situation, if the man in your life is extremely close to his mother as though they have a bond that cannot be broken by any woman, just step back and wait on a mature man.   For the Bible says in Matthew 19:6, 'Therefore they are no more two, but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man put asunder.'  Of course, that scripture is only based on if God has naturally joined us with the right man, many times, we make mistakes in life and get with the wrong man, it has absolutely nothing to do with age.   However, no one, not even a parent should cause a division between you and your man, no matter if he is younger than you, older or around the same age as yourself.  Here is a biblical scripture to back that up, found in Mark 10:7, 'For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife.'  So please understand, you should only be in concurrence to a relationship with a younger man, only if he is mature in the mind and spirit and of course, legally grown and not right out of high school.  You should never be with a man as though you are being the mother and his woman.  Many times, it is much worse for you to get in a relationship with a younger man or even older, because he has depended on his mother's support all of his life, so you do not want to ever enter a relationship as though you are switching places with her, you are entering a relationship just to find the right man to spend the rest of your life with.  If not, then he will not be able to be a good husband to you or even take responsibility as the father to your kids.

Furthermore, when the black man returns to the black woman from a broken and very painful bi-racial relationship, we ought to celebrate with our sister who is so fortunate to hold and comfort him, after he has learned his lesson.

Sisters, the main thing is for us to pray and make sure no matter the age of a man, he is mature enough to follow Mark 10:7 and first of all, be a righteous man of God.   As saved black women, we cannot be with an ungodly man whom is not strictly living His life according to God's Word.

If you are not saved and desire for God to come into your life, please go straight to our Salvation page and accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior.   Jesus loves you just as you are, he is not like society that has prejudice toward you as a black woman.  If this is you dear sister, welcome to the family of God.

Source and Photo: http://bossip.com


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