Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Celebrity News: Woman testifies about underage sexual encounter with ex-Giant Lawrence Taylor

Sisters, do you recall Souls of Black Women doing a previous article about NFL celebrity, Lawrence Taylor?  We forewarned you to be very careful of men like him who may have lust for children.  Cristina Fierro, Lawrence Taylor's victim who is now speaking out in court about how he molested her when she was 16, allegedly says Taylor compared her hair to his wife.  Black women, you do not need a man in your life molesting teen girls .  You must pray and believe God for a righteous man and do not date a man just because he is a celebrity, only date him, because God designed him for you. 

Cristina Fierro who is now 19, allegedly said she thought about committing suicide after Taylor molested her.  It was her first sexual encounter and she allegedly described how painful it was.  According to, Cristina Fierro, who has since married, told a Manhattan jury hearing her lawsuit that she didn't know who Taylor was when she found him naked on a bed, after another man forced her to have sex with him for $300 dollars.   Sisters, being married to a man with a lot of money does not mean anything, unless he has morals and values based on God's Word.  Lawrence Taylor obviously did not appreciate his wife, because he fulfilled his lustful desires outside of marriage with a teenager.  

Black women, you must acknowledge just like God has made many of us righteous, He's got some righteous men out there, we do not have to settle for less.  Often times, you may say to yourself, 'oh if I only had a rich husband I could pay my bills,' or, 'oh, I wish I was in the shoes of of a famous wife of a celebrity,' but it is better to have less and be without a man, than to be with a man who molest children and has a lot of money.  That sort of thinking has gotten a lot of our sisters in trouble.  Sisters, Jesus Christ is enough if you can't find a good and saved man.  There are many men today whom maybe attracted to us, but they have a hidden lustful desire to be with children.  This is why you have to make sure you are a born again Christian, so you can learn how to be patient and wait on God for the right man to come to you.  If it takes a long time to finally settle down with the right man, don't be in a rush to marry, if you should meet a rich and famous man, because you do not know what type of demons he could be possessed with.  He could have AIDS for all you know.  Get saved and be patient while waiting on God to send you the right man. 

Sisters, as black women we need Jesus more than a husband.  Jesus Christ loves us and we never get too old for Him.  Often times, some married men start fooling around with teens or younger women, because they have a lustful desire that is not pleasing in the eyes of God.   Therefore, you need to recognize as a righteous woman of God, God loves you and does not push you to the side once you get to a certain age.   You do not even have to end up a cougar, because many times, younger men may also disrespect and misuse you.   You need Jesus Christ black women and when God sends the right man in your presence, He will not seek out to molest young children or even be with a younger woman, but He will want you, because He loves God abiding in you. 

Woman testifies about underage sexual encounter with ex-Giant Lawrence Taylor 
NEW YORK — A teenager who has accused former New York Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor of sexually assaulting her when she was 16 cried Tuesday as she described her encounter with the NFL Hall of Famer at the start of a civil trial.

Taylor pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of sexual misconduct and patronizing an underage prostitute for having sex...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo:
Photo: David Handschuh/New York Daily News


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