Monday, October 1, 2012

Celebrity News: Usher Raymond evicts ex-wife Tameka Foster out of home: Black women is this why we should not marry men with more money and power than us?

Sisters, this is why it is so very important for us to be careful whom we marry.   Of course, many of us have imagined being married to a celebrity, once in a lifetime.  However, Tameka Foster's situation is teaching us a lot, not only did our sister marry one of the most powerful black men in music business, but she married a younger man, just 10 years.  How would we feel if we were in her situation, black women?

So you mean to tell us during the custody battle, after the death of her son, Tameka was still staying in the house?   We would assume she had been moved out, but of course, she possibly did not have the income to afford a luxurious residence.  Whatever the reason, we cannot imagine her still living in the same house with Usher, after he slept with her bridesmaid, after the divorce and the death of her son, during and after the custody battle.  That's just too much pain for any black woman to bear.

Sisters, let us unite and congratulate Tameka Foster, regardless of her having her two children taken away and being pushed out of Usher's home within 60 days. Many of you whom are truly familiar with severe emotional trauma caused by your ex-man, you should put yourself in Tameka's shoes.   How would you feel being married to a celebrity who has most of the fame and fortune and his mother does not show up at your wedding, because of her own personal alleged negative opinions of you?   Imagine this, you are married to a celebrity who is a younger man.   You lose your son and then, your ex-husband only gives you two weeks to rest in bereavement before he continues the custody battle to take primary custody of two of your sons.  Then, he wins with the favor of a high profile judge.   Black women, one of the reasons why we extremely are in emotionally distress, is simply because some of our sisters do not imagine themselves in our shoes.  So, please realize Tameka is still a woman and she is one of us.  Therefore, if you have not imagined being in a painful circumstance as a hurting black woman, you should start now with Tameka.  Now, being served by Usher's attorney with an eviction notice, after the fact she endured the death of her son and having two more sons taking away through primary custody is too harsh.  The answer to the above question is obvious, each and every one of us would feel offended not just by Usher, but humiliated from society that puts us down as black women.  

Tameka's story encourages us to reach for the stars and not be obligated to any man who has so much money and power, they take our rights away.   The most hurting part we see in this ugly picture, is Usher's mother, she allegedly never gave Tameka a chance.   No, she did not have to attend the wedding, if she was uncomfortable, but during the eight years of marriage, she could have took time to love her, because she is a black woman, the fragile creation of man.  Regardless of her being just 10 years older than Usher, she is some mother's child too.   We all have a child within us no matter how old we get, which needs to be nurtured by other black women whom could at least understand our struggles when we get hurt by black men whom are more successful than us or even have much.

We love you Tameka Foster and we are praying for you and your children.  We also send our prayers out to Usher and his mother.

Usher Raymond evicts ex-wife Tameka Foster out of home

 By: Tiffany Warner

Lawyers for Usher Raymond reportedly sent the crooner's ex-wife Tameka Raymond a letter she most likely didn't want to receive.

According to TMZ, "The Voice" newbie recently served Foster with eviction papers, forcing her to leave her Atlanta residence within 60 days.

The news comes on the heels of Raymond winning primary custody of the ex-couple's two sons, Usher Terry Raymond V and Naviyd Ely Raymond...Read full article, here.

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