Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Celebrity News: Black women, will George Lucas now marry his black queen after selling Lucasfilm for $4 Billion Dollars?

Those of you whom are also our faithful readers at Sanctified Church Revolution blog have read our latest article about George Lucas selling Lucasfilm to Disney for over $4 billion dollars.  Although, his lady, Mellody Hobson already is a very successful black woman, she manages an investment firm in Chicago of over $3 billion dollars in assets.  Usually, we do not like to agree with bi-racial couples, but-to be honest with you, we have never seen a couple so happy in public.   On the flip-side of black women feeling ignored by some black men whom prefer to date and marry other races, this really is a breath of fresh air.   Two brilliant minds, both making billions of dollars.  Sisters, could this be a match designed by God in heaven?

Now that George Lucas has earned over $4 more billion dollars, we ask you, is he going to finally proposed to his black queen, Mellody Hobson?  You may say, 'now Souls of Black Women, it sounds like you are changing your tune,' but we have seen so many previous photos of the two together and it appears as though George Lucas is treating his woman royal, which is much more respect she would receive if she were to be with a black man.  So, it is okay for us to dissect this happy rich bi-racial couple.  Sisters, we are so hated by a lot of black men, we do not see any harm in being excited for a couple that always seems to be so happy.  Here is another reason why we are so eager to learn about George Lucas and his black queen, Mellody Hobson, simply because he allegedly was honest about the racial discrimination he faced when putting his movie about Tuskegee air men on the big screen, not many white men will do that.  Therefore, George Lucas is so different than the average rich and famous white man and he seems to have no shame in being seen with one of the most wealthiest black women in America today.

According to the article's source, we learned George Lucas is allegedly retiring and going to only be a consultant to his former company, Lucasfilms he is in the process of selling to Disney.   Just ask this question in your mind dear sisters, 'is he retiring to also settle down and marry Mellody Hobson?'   If so, we are so very happy for the two of them, it is much better than being rejected by certain black men whom flaunt there different races of women like Coby Bryant, Chad Johnson and D. L. Hughley who has allegedly admitted he does not like black women because they are messed up and always angry, which came after he was caught allegedly cheating on his wife, according to  Also, let us not remind you about Lil' Wayne whom allegedly discriminated against his daughter, allegedly stating she is the last dark skin child he is having as though he forgot he is chocolate himself.  Now, we know not all black men have given us a hard way to go and we are certainly not trying to ignore the biblical scripture against bi-racial relationships found in Deutoronomy 7:3, but we cannot help but notice George Lucas and Mellody Hobbs always look so happy together as though they are freed from all these issues we deal with of being rejected by some of our own kind as black women.  We are so very sure Jesus understands us being excited for our dear sister, after all the persecution by some black men whom think of us as ugly.  Sisters, will Mellody Hobson finally become the wife of the creator of Star Wars, after he officially retires from Lucasfilms?  If so, we will be prepared to give you the good news.

Source: Sanctified Church Revolution
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