Thursday, October 4, 2012

Celebrity News: Black women, Anderson Cooper blasts Star Jones for saying he came out to boost his show ratings

Sisters, this news of Anderson Cooper allegedly throwing a fit, because celebrity Star Jones allegedly stated he came out as a gay man for ratings for his show is a waste of air time.   Really, all she was doing was stating her opinion and if this is true and he should not be upset, just because someone was assuming his reason for coming out of the closet.   

Now sisters, let's be real, Star Jones is one of the most powerful black women in the entertainment business and is not one to kiss up, allegedly like Oprah, so some rich and famous white men may attack her, because she is outspoken and does not bite her tongue and saying what she feels.   Now, Anderson Cooper was playing tit for tat on this following video in our opinion.   Sisters, do you think it was right for him to get revenge by cracking a joke about her lying about gastric bypass surgery?   You see, Star Jones is not your ordinary black woman, she is also a born again Christian, which could mean she is reading through his spirit.   As a true child of God, we know why many people may say certain things, publicly and this is one of the things every time you turn around somebody is coming out, even a lot of black folks and we have seen a lot of this since President Barack Obama has been in office.   Maybe not Anderson Cooper, but a lot of other celebrities and non-celebrities are coming out as though they desire to fit in with what is popular. 

We think it is very childish for this grown man, Anderson Cooper to lash out on Star Jones, after his mother allegedly brought it up to him that she said something about him. 

In the meantime, we will pray for Anderson Cooper, including our dear sister, Star Jones who is a righteous woman of God.   She is human like everyone else and should not be publicly attacked for stating her opinion.

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Anderson Cooper blasts Star Jones for saying he came out to boost his show ratings

Talk show titan Anderson Cooper blasted blabby talking head Star Jones today for claiming he came out of the closet to goose his ratings.

Cooper was talking to Bravo boss Andy Cohen on his syndicated talk show, “Anderson Live” when Cohen asked the silver-haired CNN anchor...Read full article, here.


Photo and Video: Anderson Live



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