Sunday, October 7, 2012

Black women, you say, 'Enough of the black church, another woman stole my man!'

One of the most hurting things about the history of the black church, is the scandalous women whom have crept around sleeping with married men.  There is a well-known church in the Oakland Bay Area who was always known for shunning homosexuals, but swapping wives was very acceptable.  Let us assure you sin is sin, it's all wrong.   There were a lot of single black women in that church with babies from the same man.   This has planted a seed of bitterness into the souls of many black women whom once had a wonderful family, but when the mistress and her husband was not rebuked for their sexual affair, it caused them to turn away from the black church, in some cases they turned away from God.

Many of us sisters who grew up in the Pentecostal church could never understand why there seemed to always be an anointing which flowed among the saints of God back in the early days, but a certain group of people were always acceptable and these were women who switched husbands or husbands who switched wives, the second group was always more common.  In this type of church, no matter how saved a woman was, she could never keep her man away from 'so-call' saved women who did not mind having an affair or stealing him.

Sisters, one of our journalists recalls a lustful conversation while everyone was lining up to give their tithes and offerings at this specific Oakland church (in California) and this very short preacher made a lustful comment to a sister and she blushed back.   It was shocking, but it was to be expected since the church had a history of husbands who switched wives like pancakes.   This rotten seed of lust has ruined many marriages and many of our sisters never received an apology from the mistresses who may have ended up as the second, third or fourth wife.   You wonder why certain black women do not care to join your church, when you may invite them, simply because they feel their emotional pain of a broken marriage that was ignored by the pastor over the flock whom did not do his job of rebuking the husband and mistress.  It does not matter how many years ago the affair happened, the sin caused our dear sisters to avoid church, all together.  

Some of you women whom are responsible for sleeping with another woman's man from the same church you all belong to should really think about approaching the wife or ex-wife and apologize.   Regardless, if the man is not doing the right thing to show remorse to his wife and admit he was wrong, you need to make a choice to be a virtuous woman and show consideration for the other woman you hurt.   What if it happened to you?   How would you feel if you were the wife and another woman slept with your husband?   Would you be happy about it?  You know what the problem is with some black women, they are selfish and never think about how the other woman feels, if she was to trade places with her.  

To you sisters whom are holding onto the rotten seed of bitterness, please do not be angry at God, but please acknowledge He always loved you more than your husband.   Many of us black women whom grew up in the church witnessed a lot of emotional pain of not just having your husband willingly sleep with another woman, but when you were young girls, teens and/or young adults, your pastor betrayed you, because he molested you.  You did good to remain in that family church for so many years.   Such unpleasant moments of being disrespected by black men and black women have sort of confused you about who God really is.  If people of the black church have no respect for your marriage, then no wonder the black community has remained in the shape its in.   Let us encourage you not to confuse God with most black churches whom have not dealt with the buried pain of a lot of black women.  God has nothing to do with your (ex)husband and the woman who slept with him.  He has absolutely nothing to do with how they got together, after knowing each other in the church you possibly grew up in or met your husband there.  God is One of love and peace.   For too long, the black church has allowed Satan to rule the atmosphere and not allow God to rule their decisions, even in the house of God.  The demon of lust should never be so free to swarm through the souls whom attend church services, but if they are not seeking God, the Devil is ruling them and leading them to commit fornication and adulterous affairs and he has been for a very long time.  For some reason, Satan has been able to rule many black churches into being a meeting place for carnal busybodies and sex parties, ruining lives of black women who really wanted a good marriage at one time.  It has always seemed like a very dangerous place to attend with your husband in every generation.  Therefore, black women you must now seek God and let go of the past, release your broken marriage and that woman who slept with your man into the hands of Jesus Christ.   Allow Him to carry your pain and you not pick it up, ever again.  The only safety zone that will shield your marriage is really within the Kingdom of God. 

Sisters, did you walk away from God, because your husband had an affair with another woman in the church.  Possibly, he slept with more than one woman or even a man.   You must return to the body of Christ.   You not necessarily have to return to the black church, but go to Jesus Christ and let Him know, you now acknowledge, He is not to blame for your husband and the other woman's adulterous affair.   Repent, for staying away for so long.   Let God know you still love Him and desire return as His child.   If this is you, please rush to our Salvation page, now and don't forget Jesus Christ loves you more than the black church.

Photo: Blend Images  (not real people in article)


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