Sunday, October 14, 2012

Black women, watch D'Andre Lane's Reaction to His Guilty Verdict

Of course, we know you already know D'Andre Lane was found guilty when we gave you the news in our previous article.  However, we wanted you to watch his reaction.  He appeared as though he could not believe he was found guilty.  He seemed as though he was almost in tears.   If he is innocent, we pray that his child is found safe and very much alive. 

Now, we learned at this hearing, Bianca's mother, Banika did not show up at the court hearing.  Does she love this man so much, she believes in his innocence?   Of course, there is no evidence to prove there was an actual carjacking, but then, there was no evidence to point him to the crime, so this is a very bad situation.  Just to watch his reaction is very confusing, possibly he really did not do anything wrong.  We will never know the truth, unless Bianca is found.   The only facts we have that like a lot of parents he used corporal punishment, but maybe too hard for potty training, Detroit is a very dangerous city where carjacking does happen a lot and his car was found just blocks away from home, but we never heard if anything was stolen out of the vehicle, except for his 2-year-old child. 

In the meantime, we will be praying for Bianca's safe return.  If she is found dead, we sincerely pray, D'Andre did not murder his own child.

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Fox 2 News Headlines


D'Andre Lane found guilty of murder and child abuse

By Amy Lange
FOX 2 News Reporter

DETROIT -- As D'Andre Lane listened to the verdict, his attorney put a hand on his shoulder.  The 32-year-old father of Bianca Jones was convicted on charges of felony murder and child abuse.

Lane reported Bianca missing on December 2 of last year and claimed he was carjacked with the child still inside, prompting police and a thousand volunteers...Read full article, here.



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