Sunday, October 28, 2012

Black women, 'I stayed with my husband in our black church that is changed gay affirming, now he left me for a transgender woman'

Sisters, we are living an in a very evil day when many black churches are accepting it is okay to be gay.  They have turned away from God's Word that opposes homosexuality.  This has put a lot of faithful wives whom are black women in jeopardy.  We as black women have already have had a hard time keep a man, because many of them prefer other races, not just white.   Now, since many black churches are condoning same sex marriage and black married heterosexual couples have to make a choice if they are going to remain in a gay affirming ministry or cease to fully obey God and His Word.  One of our faithful readers by the name of "LaTisha (fictitious)" made the wrong move by agreeing with her husband, "Stanley(fictitious)" to remain in their church (located in Baltimore, Maryland) that once taught it was wrong to be gay.   Stanley became attracted a transgender woman and is now about to be remarried by the same pastor whom once joined he and Latisha in matrimony.

Sisters, this is why we try to encourage you to make sure you are fully serving the Lord, because when you are in full obedience to God, you will not choose to remain in a church that is not in full submission to God's biblical commandments.   Now many black marriages in the black church are being destroyed more than ever, since many preachers within the black church are ignoring scriptures against homosexuality.  Because there are many broken marriages between black men and black women, this reveals this is why it is not okay to remain in a ministry that is allegedly drawing attraction away from the opposite sex.  Therefore as black women, we will not be able to see the trick of the enemy unless we choose to serve God and fully obey His Word. 

Now, Stanley has filed for a divorce and expecting to take custody of his children, although his children do not support his choice to leave their mother for this transgender woman.   The pastor, "Rev. Stone (fictitious)," has offered no support to "LaTisha" and has bluntly suggested she move on with her life.  Interim, Rev. Stone is also in the process of leaving his wife, the first lady to be committed to his same sex partner.   Sisters, what has the black church come to?   What has become of black men and black women, after our ancestors were enslaved for over 400 years.   How did we get to this point of the black church accepting a custom that is not accepted within God's Kingdom?  Now, we are living in an era when many preachers within the black church are selfish and do not even consider the feelings of the black woman losing her man to the gay movement.  Many of them just want to be accepted and included with the majority that is allegedly agreeing the President Obama's gay agenda.

LaTisha allegedly says when her church was once in opposition to homosexuality, family men like her ex-husband, Stanley used to be on fire for the Lord, but now since it has became a gay affirming church, she noticed a difference in the men whom still attend.  If they are still married to their wives, the are fascinated with spending a lot of time around their gay friends whom are married to same sex partners, others either have gay partners along with yet remaining with their wives or then others like Stanley have left their wives to be with the same sex.  She allegedly claims they are more excited about homosexuality than they Word of God.  Sadly, this is the alleged picture of many black churches today whom are now gay affirming ministries.

LaTisha we are so very happy you finally decided to leave this gay affirming church, but we are very sorry it took your husband leaving you for this transgender woman to make this wise decision.  However, we encourage you to move on with your life and fight for your children.   Forget about his decision to leave you for this transgender person, the welfare of your children are more important than his choice to divorce you for this transgender woman.  We advise you to speak with your children and have them write a letter to the judge that is over your divorce case as to why they choose to remain with you.   If the judge sees that your ex-husband's decision is negatively effecting them, he may rule in your favor, but you must make this known to your attorney, so he or she can make it possible for the voice of your children to be heard in divorce court.   Although, the gay and transgender lifestyle is more accepting today in our American society, it also up to the children of gay parents if they are willing to live with it or not and if your children have the judge's support, then Stanley may have less of a chance to gain custody or even partial custody of your children.  

LaTisha, we also want to focus on how you are doing, after your husband has left you for this transgender woman.   We want you to get more closer to God than ever.   We would advise you to start a christian support group for black women whom are dealing with being alone, after their husbands have left them for same sex partners or transgender women.   This is a very hard time for many black women today, it is already difficult dealing with a cheating man whom sleeps around with different women, but it is really a twisted type emotional pain to try and compete with a gay man or a transgender woman whom now is in the arms of your ex-husband.   It is time for you to seek God and leave your ex-husband, including that gay affirming church in the past. Live your life as though you never married him or attended that church.  You know, how they say the past is dead?  It is very true, the past is dead, especially when we live our lives without remembering it.   Do not even pay attention to your broken marriage, but build up your character as a saved and holy woman designed by God for ministry and a possible future with a saved man whom also going to be holy and not be full of lust.  Change your life into inspiring other hurting divorced black women like yourself, which will aid your personal healing process.  God bless you dear sister, we will keep you and your children in our prayers.

Note: All names and photos are fictitious
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