Monday, October 15, 2012

Black women, should we ever allow anyone of a different race maintain our hair even if they are a licensed beautician?

One of the most important things Oprah Winfrey ever allegedly stated on her show was this, 'do not ever let anyone of a different race do your hair.'  We can recall Ms. Winfrey allegedly telling the story about how she once got her hair done by stylist of a different race who gave her a perm that damaged her hair, which left her nearly bald.   Then, we heard of another story told on another talk show when a black man filed a lawsuit, because a chain barber salon, which was for European hair would not cut his hair.   This specific question was asked to us, 'as black women, should we ever allow anyone of a different race touch our hair even if they are a licensed beautician?'  

To answer the question, 'absolutely not.' It does not matter how diverse we have become in America, we are totally different people and it is just not safe.   The only way we would suggest for a person of a different race to touch your hair, as if they know about black hair and he just happens to be your husband.  These days, there maybe a sister who happens to be married to a husband of European or Latino descent and he does black hair very well, simply because he has learned the texture of black hair while being married to his wife.   If that is the case, it is alright, but in general, it is never wise to allow anyone of a different race to process your hair.   It is never a good idea for them to be your beautician, even if they are licensed, because our hair is very different than European hair.  As African Americans, we know our hair best.   

Sisters, we may not always like everything Oprah says or does, but that is one alleged lesson we have never forgotten and we have took heed her experience before ever experiencing such a nightmare.  However, if there is ever a beautician of another race who knows how to care for black hair, it is very few in our opinion, even in this era of so much diversity.   Here is a positive example, one of our black female journalists once had with an Hispanic beautician female beautician and her nephew who maintained her hair at a once popular salon in Oakland, California.   After they both chemically processed and cared for her hair, it did not fall out.   Two weeks later, when she found out they left their job, she was very unhappy, because they cared for her hair much better than the black female beautician who did her hair, only twice.   After that, our sister went on through life missing that aunt and nephew team who did a really good job on her hair.  Therefore, there are very few you will ever be able to trust to care for your hair.  

As black women, we have to use our own judgement of who is best to care for our hair, because let us be honest with you, there have been some very terrible black beauticians we all have paid our hard earned money to.   Many of these previous black beauticians who did our hair should have never touched our heads.  How many of you can testify to that fact?   We know a lot of you can.   Therefore, there could be other races as you read in our last case that occurred in Oakland who can care for our hair much better than our own race.  In a lot is cases, it would be much better for you to learn how to care for your own hair until you find the right beautician or just continue doing it yourself.

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