Sunday, October 21, 2012

Black women of the black church, 'It's hard to get my daughter to go to church after she was seduced by our pastor'

One of the biggest problems today are many black women raising daughters in the black church.  Some of these young ladies become bitter and become lesbians, because their mothers refused to believe them when they admitted their family pastor seduced or molested them.   Sisters, this is why so many young black women grow up bitter, because most followers of some  prominent preachers want idolize their pastor and put down those whom have admitted what has happened to them.   Sisters, listen to your daughters, they are the replica of you.

In many cases, there are a lot of young ladies whom have been molested by preachers within the black church and it hurts so bad, when certain mothers do not believe their daughters. Bernice (fictitious name) allegedly informed us she did not believe her daughter, "Heidi" when she told her.  When Heidi told her the family pastor talked really dirty to her over the phone, she replied, 'I believe Pastor Flowers loves his wife.'   Bernice says she cannot get Heidi to go to church, because now she does not want to hear anything about God.   Bernice says she does not believe her daughter and she still believes in her pastor and supports he and his wife in the ministry.  Although, she confronted Pastor Flowers, she still does not believe her daughter who is now very grown.  It happened when she was 19 years old.  Although Heidi was grown then, it still was wrong for this married pastor to seduce her and try to lure her into going to bed with him. Bernice has a very important position in this church in Northern California.  She faithfully pays tithes and offerings there.   Bernice is a Pentecostal evangelist and is loved by Pastor and First Lady Flowers (fictitious).   Now, Heidi no longer sings for the church.  She says she was born gay and hates men.  Pastor Flowers said she was demon possessed in front of the church on several occasions and his wife, including church members have shunned her. He and his wife told his church members to stay away from Heidi.   Bernice says she does not know what to do and does not know how to get her daughter saved, again.

First and foremost, we advise you Bernice to stop going to that church.  If you say you love your daughter, then you should believe her and know your pastor is a liar.  You should resign from your position within that church and no longer give tithes and offerings there, give it to another ministry.   Your child, Heidi (fictitious name) is very bitter not only against God, but she resents you, because she feels you have betrayed her by believing in your pastor and allowing him to emotionally abuse her, by telling her she is demon possessed in front of the church.   Bernice, no wonder your daughter avoids men altogether.  You allowed that man to seduce your daughter without telling him he was wrong.   Why can't you understand your daughter wants nothing else to do with the church? Why can't you understand she is now turned off by men? Believe your daughter and stop supporting this false prophet and his wife who shuns your daughter.  How can you be a part of a church that shuns your daughter?  It's not right.  You may never get your daughter to go to church, because you have placed your pastor and wife upon a pedestal as though your daughter is not valuable to you.   

Many of you black mothers whom have very prestigious positions in the church, if you have a lot in common with Bernice, we encourage you to repent.   You see, this is why we have a lot of young black women refuse to hear anything about God or the church, because they feel their mothers do not love them.   This sort of stuff in the black church has been going on for many years.  As black women, we are going to have to start encouraging others to listen to their daughters and do not ignore them.  For all black women whom have high prestigious positions in the black church, stop placing your pastor and his wife on a pedestal above your children.   If your daughter or son tells you, they were seduced and/or molested believe them, do not respond as though you do not believe them, because if you do, do not be shocked when they turn against attending anymore church services.  Furthermore, do not be shocked if they shocked if they tell you they are gay.

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