Thursday, October 18, 2012

Black women, 'My Husband Gave me and my children AIDS and left me for white woman'

Sisters, we get these discreet letters all the time, many black women are suffering with the AIDS virus, HIV or full blown AIDS and their husband or boyfriend has left them for another race.   This is why we try to encourage you dear sisters to seek God and learn how to love each other.   Learn how to listen to each other and understand the emotional pain of another sister.   According to, in 2009 black women was 15 times the rate for white women, and over three times that of Hispanic women to whom were diagnosed with HIV.  For black men,  they were more than six times as high as that of white men, nearly two and a half times that of Hispanic/Latino men, and more than twice that of black/African American women to be diagnosed with HIV.   Black women, if many black men make an unwise decision to turn their backs on us now, it is their choice, but we as black women must unite and make a wise choice to serve Jesus Christ who has never turned His back on us. 

After our ancestors endured extreme slavery for over 400 years, we cannot understand why many black men and black women have turn their backs on their original soul mates in an era when AIDS is still killing much of the African American race.   According to,
since the epidemic began, more than 250,000 blacks with AIDS have died , including 8,782 in 2009.   Think about this question for a moment, just about how many black men and black women whom have chosen to be with another race still could be dying of AIDS while their partners of a different race may not even have it?  Do you see the trick of the enemy?   We have so many of our sisters, along with some black men idolizing diversity in the bedroom more than they love God.   Each and every funeral of an African American whom has died of AIDS seems irrelevant to most black people whom have turned their backs on their ex-spouses they left infected with AIDS.

Now, that we have dealt with the heart of this issue, we are going to call or dear sister, 'Debbie.'  We want to help our dear sister, because we realize this issue does not seem to go away, no matter how much racial discrimination we yet face in America and no matter how many of our family members, acquaintances and ex-spouses have died of AIDS.   'Debbie,' you are not by yourself and all you can do is trust God to heal you and your children of the disease and pray for your ex-husband (let's call him, 'Shelby') to move on with the new woman in his life.   If that what makes him happy, after the fact of how many within our race has died of AIDS, let-him-go.  However, many of you sisters are making a mistake once your man has left you to endure AIDS and moved on with his white, Latino, or Asian woman, you are not informing her of his diagnosis and how he has infected you and your kids.   We think it would be a good idea for 'Debbie' to let Shelby's new woman know he has infected she and his children with AIDS.   Now, one of the things we cannot understand, after so many of these black men whom are infected with AIDS are moving on in relationships with women of other races, why are black women the most, according to statistics to catch AIDS than them?   Either statistics are wrong or there is something very suspicious about the disease to try and kill us off.   Whatever the case, it is so very important for each and everyone of you dear sisters to be smart and take care better of yourselves, be careful who you sleep with, after marriage.  You see, the Devil has got a lot of you fooled, he wants you to focus on a lot of these black men no longer being interested in us, but maybe that's God's will, because He does not want us to be with them, if they are not fully submitted to Him.  A man whom turns his back on God is bound to mistreat us and this is possibly why this situation has happened to often.  'Debbie,' seek the Lord and no longer fret over how 'Shelby' has left you and your children.   Your main concern should be for God to heal you and your children and make sure you have first, accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, because if you are not saved, there is no sense in asking Him to heal you.   Make up in your mind, you are going to serve the Lord and ignore Shelby's decision to leave you.   You see, there is a serious spiritual side to this matter, 'Shelby' has to reap what he has sown according the biblical scripture found in Galatians 6:7. He cannot expect anything to go good in his life, because of the way he walked out on you and those children,  after infecting all of you.   God is not going to bless him for his mischief, so you do not need to fret.  Furthermore, although God can heal you of AIDS, we encourage you and your kids to take any medication the doctor gives you and have faith for a miracle to happen in your life.  Let's allow Him to handle this dirty situation of many black men infecting our sisters with AIDS and no longer desiring them, it never was supposed to be our problem.  Things would get so much better for black women, but many of you have turned your backs on God, you have to accept Jesus into your life and leave this ancient problem in His hands, no matter how bad it hurts.

As for the rest of you dear sisters, maybe you are in a similar situation like 'Debbie,' God wants your life.  God wants you to make a commitment to look to him and stop focusing on the black man that has left you for another race of a woman.  You see, the Devil had this all planned out, he knew AIDS was going to come along and divide black men and black women, even our youth, after the era of slavery.  It's very strange, the more we have lost many African Americans with this deadly disease, the more black couple have divided and chose to be with other races, God is not pleased, but this ancient matter is in His hands and we do not have time to worry about all the wrong many black men have done to our sisters.  This is why it pays for us to not do wrong to each other or even support a black man who dogs another sister.  For many black women are still dying, after they were infected with AIDS, by the black man whom once vow to love them.   What is the answer?  Black women, you need to make a commitment to serve Jesus Christ, become a holy and righteous woman and no longer be entangled with the evil affairs of this world.  God wants you to be seperated from sin.   

Are you saved?  If not, we invite you to go straight to our salvation page and give your life to the Lord Jesus Christ.  God bless you. 

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