Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Black Women, did Louisiana woman fake hate crime? This takes us back to the Tawana Brawley Case

Sisters, do you remember back in the day when we could not believe the ex-boyfriend on Tawana Brawley whom allegedly claimed on national television that Tawana confided in him that she did her own hate crime?  Now, we understand what many people mean when they say, 'history repeats itself.'  Yes indeed, history is repeating itself alright, simply because many black people over the years have failed to love and respect each other, so in the 21st we are allegedly hearing a lie, another black woman faked hate crime.  Black women, why would 20-year-old Sharmeka Moffitt burn herself and write KKK on herself?  We still do not believe Tawana Brawley did such a thing to herself?

Sisters, we cannot continue to hate each other and think whenever we have hate crimes, we will be able to fight them, especially in an age when so many African Americans have neglected and rejected their own kind in friendships, relationships and marriages.  It is so obvious it is going to be much harder to prove that police could be lying to cover up an actual hate crime possibly caused by white supremacists.  Sharmeka Moffitt's mother on this following video allegedly believes her daughter saw three white men wearing hoods when they burned her in a park, so evidently, she knows she would not do anything like this to herself.  This does not surprise us one bit, now that the presidential election is coming up. 

There was another case several months ago that involved a young black man whom was handcuffed in the back of a police car and police allegedly claimed he committed suicide, but again, how can we fight anything when our own race has spent the last 20 years avoiding our own people?  It is very sad, this young black guy was out with his white friends when this happened and police let them go.  So, we ask you, has diversity really helped us as we have become such a divided race in the 21st century?   Sisters, we may have a black (bi-racial) president, but there could be some white supremacists whom may not want him back in the white house another 4 years.   We are beginning to see history repeat itself with the police allegedly claiming Sharmeka faked a hate crime.  If she was depressed, wouldn't she inflict pain on herself another way than burning herself?

As black women, this is why we try to encourage you not to support the gay agenda, because we are yet dealing with racial discrimination.  Lies are still being told that black women create hate crimes against themselves.   How can we join the gay and lesbian community when our sisters have no defense?   We have a black (bi-racial) president whom has supported the gay agenda, but we do not think there is enough power as it was years ago for civil rights activists whom support his stance for gay marriage to combat racial issues, such as this one with Sharmeka Moffitt.   Think about it sisters, now that Rev. Al Sharpton is fighting for the homosexual community, along with Rev. Jesse Jackson, how will either one of them be strong black men to protect black women like our dear sister, Sharmeka?   This is why we must follow God's Word that opposes homosexuality, because racial issues does not have anything in common with sin.  We must become holy and righteous women and completely humble ourselves before the almighty throne of God.  Let us not unite with a group of people whom most likely will not make a trip to Louisiana to speak up for Sharmeka Moffitt.  Black women, don't you see the trick of the Devil?  We are living in a very wicked age of deception that has a lot of black people sharing civil rights with gays and lesbians, but racism still exist.   We are in a spiritual warfare and in order to put racism behind us, we cannot ever go against God's Word.

Black women, make up in your mind that you are going to surrender to Jesus Christ, because salvation is the only way to escape this insane world that is still making our sisters out to look crazy.  Too many African Americans today have chosen to remain silent about these issues to gain money and keep peace, but really, it will not save them.  What is going to happen when they die?  They will have to give an account for merging in with a movement that was against God's Word, which weakened the black race.   We are witnessing repeated history in an age when there is extreme diversity.  

Ask yourself, after all the hell we put up here on earth that has to do with racism and our own race hating us, is it worth the risk us joining the gay movement, then die and go to eternal hell with Satan and his demons?  No, God loves us black women too much for us to join another group's revolution that has nothing to do with what Sharmeka Moffitt and other black women are still going through.

Sisters, many of you may not be saved.  Living in a society that is now repeating history you need Jesus in your life.  As you can see, He is the only One who understands black women.  We are being persecuted not only by some white supremacists, but our very own race has rejected us.   Jesus Christ loves us more than mankind and He wants us to completely surrender our souls to Him.  If you need God's strength and His divine protection over your life, please go straight to our Salvation page and receive Him now into your life.  God bless you and welcome to the real body of Christ.

In the meantime, will keep our dear sister Sharmeka Moffitt in our prayers.

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Watch Video

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