Thursday, October 4, 2012

Black women, can you grow long hair after losing some because of disease or cancer? Of course, you can do it!

Since this is breast cancer month of October, we just thought we would give you a special article, regarding this woman who loses her hair on a daily basis.   However, this woman was allegedly diagnosed with lupus, the information is still helpful to any of you whom maybe suffering with various sorts of diseases and cancer.   We found this You Tube video of this woman who cares a lot about us, she shared what products she uses, which helps maintain healthy hair growth.

According to Sacramento Bee, black women maybe less likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer than  white women, but when it is discovered at a later stage, they are most likely to die, because it is usually difficult to treat.  This is usually also the case with other various diseases, and when our sisters go through chemotherapy, of course, they lose their hair.   Eventually, you most likely will desire for your hair to grow back as you have faith for God to heal your body.   So, we invite you to pay close attention to our dear sister who has lupus and uses certain products that helps her to continue to grow long hair, although it sheds daily.

Now our dear sister is using heat in her hair.  Usually, we do not promote such videos, but-it is okay to straightened your hair every once in a while, doing it the way she will reveal on this following video, not through perms or hot combs, ever. 

Sisters, if you know somebody who has cancer or even if they do not, please show them this video, so they will not lose hope to grow their hair. Personally, if you have been diagnosed with an illness, it is not to late to regrow your hair.

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