Thursday, October 11, 2012

Black women, Attorney shot 8 times allegedly by husband released from rehab center

Do you recall the story about this successful attorney, Adina Parson who was allegedly shot by her husband 8 times?   In our previous report, we gave you details on how Michael and his mother denied he had anything to do with the shooting, although he was caught engaged to another woman.  No matter how much he may deny his involvement in the shooting, he is now in jail while his wife has been miraculously released from the rehab center.  

Sisters, no matter how bad our husbands or boyfriends do us, God promised to never leave us nor forsake us in Deuteronomy 31:6: 'Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the LORD your God, he it is that does go with you; he will not fail you, nor forsake you.'  This sister was shot 8 times and she is yet alive, because no matter who plots to kill you, when it is not your time to die, you will survive.   No matter how we are brought low by some black men and even within our American society that resents black women, we must remain strong and not fear evil.  A lot of times, evil comes from the people closet to us and in this case, Adina Parson was married to her enemy and probably didn't even know it.  It sort of reminds of us of that old Hollywood movie, 'Sleeping with the Enemy.'  Yes, many men and women are sleeping with their enemy and some do realize it, but do not know how to escape the relationship, because they feel trapped.   Often times, a smiling face covers up a very conniving soul.   It does not matter how long you may have been married to your husband or even engaged to your fiance, if he does not know Jesus Christ, it is very possible for him to turn on you. Black women, we want you to take heed of how real God is.  No matter how difficult your life is right now with your marriage or failed relationship, God loves you so much more than your spouse or fiance as He has proven His love for Adina.   You may think you met the most finest man on earth, you know what they call pretty boys, but if he does not know Jesus Christ, do not be surprise if he turns out to be your worst enemy. 

By the way, have you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior?   You don't have any guarantees when you will get another chance to wake up in the morning.   If you do not know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, you need to accept Him now, because if not, do not expect to have a loving man in your life.  You must receive Jesus Christ in your life, if you want the right man to be in your life. 

Thank God Attorney Adina Parson, our sister's life was saved.   We are now going to pray for the race of black women whom are sleeping with their enemy and may not even be successful like Adina. You know, a lot of you may live with someone, simply because you have never been able to become financially secure, but now, you must seek the Lord, so He can show you how to make a better life for yourself.  You need to know how to become not only independent, but a saved black woman.   Many of you are saved, you know Jesus Christ, but you are sleeping with your enemy, because you do not know how to become successful or even escape your marriage or relationship.    

Now in the meantime, you may also read the previous article about the Michael and Adina Parson's case, here.  Also, we are praying that Michael Parson has a mind to repent for allegedly shooting his wife, Adina and surrenders his soul to Christ while he is in jail, waiting trial. Let us now pray, then we would like for you to go straight to our Salvation page: 

Dear heavenly Father, we thank you for what you have done for Attorney Adina Parson.  You are certainly a supernatural God, you are a healer and you are amazing.  Thank you for allowing her to be alive, regardless of her husband allegedly wanting her dead.   Now Lord, we bring the rest of our dear sisters to you, today.  We want you to be here for them, Lord.   We as black women, we go through so much hell, because for some reason Satan has caused people of other races to hate us and even our own race.   We as black women humble ourselves before your almighty throne, asking you to take out everything that is not like you.   We humbly ask you to forgive us for the wrong we may have done to ourselves and other people.   Lord, we repent and desire to live for you.  We want you to know, we love you more than anything and anyone in this world and God, if we are sleeping with an enemy like Michael Parson, we ask you to deliver us, right now.  Deliver us from our enemy who smile in our faces everyday, but may plot to take our lives.   God, set us free right now. Satan, the Lord rebuke you right now.  We plead the blood, in the mighty precious name of Jesus.  We love you Lord.  Amen.  Now, praise God dear sisters for your deliverance.  God bless you and love you!   Reminder: Those you not saved, don't forget to go straight to our Salvation page.  

Attorney shot 8 times released from rehab center

By Alexis Stevens

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 

The woman shot eight times allegedly by her husband outside their Sandy Springs apartment has been released from the Shepherd Center, a family friend said.

Adina Parson, 40, was shot the night of April 20 just steps away from the front door of the Morgan Falls apartment where she lived with her husband...Read full article, here.

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