Monday, October 15, 2012

"Why am I losing my hair and it no longer grows since going to the beautician?"

Many black women have experienced losing a lot of hair, after paying a licensed beautician to do their hair.   Sometimes, these beauticians cut too much hair off or they are over processing your hair.  One of our dear readers shared with us about her actual nightmare after making a decision to go to a beauty salon.   She had hair past her arm pits, but after she went on the first visit, her hair was cut much shorter.   The stylist told her, she only clipped her ends, but she actually shortened her hair to the length near her ear lobes.  

Sisters, it is your hair, do not let any beautician ever dominate how he or she wants your hair to look or control its' length.  As black women, most of the time, it takes several months to grow our hair to a certain length and for someone to be evil and just chop it off, is devastating.  Remember this, just because a beautician is licensed, does not mean they are qualified to do your hair.  Many times, you have to observe the personality of the person before you allow them do touch your hair and you can do this by asking their clientele or only allowing them to do your hair, if you know for sure they do good work and have a record of being very considerate to their customers.

Black women, we are not dumb to realize clipping the hair is much different cutting the hair.   In our opinion, 'Jackie's (fictitious name)'  stylist was very jealous of her long hair, which is often the case, when the beautician does not want to see a sister with long hair, something they desire for themselves or just don't want black women to possess it.  Our mothers used to call these sort of hair stylists 'scissor happy' back in the day, but it is so much more than that, these type of beauticians are very envious of their clients whom are often black women with very long hair.   For some odd reason, when we support black beauticians or even risk going to the white ones, we do not always leave satisfied and they often disappoint us.  One of the those old disappointments is cutting off too much hair and when we confront them as, 'Jackie' did, they reply it was dead and damaged hair.  'Jackie' showed us photos we will not reveal here, because she requested for us not to, for legal reasons, but the pictures of her hair before does not appear to be damaged hair.  It appeared very healthy and thick.  The photos that reveal what her hair looks like now appears very thin and dry looking, not as beautiful as it was when she was caring for her own hair.  This is why we try to encourage you sisters to learn how to care for your own hair, because you cannot trust even your own race all of the time.   Even worse, when you allow a some other races of females on your head, they maybe just as jealous, because they do not want to believe we can also grow long hair like them, so be careful.  You know, they want to be able to be the only ones with the long hair, including enjoying our men.

Sisters, if you are unhappy after your first visit to a beauty salon, that is a clear sign, you can do much better learning to care for your own hair or just waiting to meet that right beautician whom will not cut too much of your hair off.   A professional hair stylist is supposed to help you grow your hair and maintain it.  They are not supposed to cut your hair, unless you request, but trimming your hair is to be understood.   All of us need our split ends to be clipped, so our hair will not become damaged, which is okay.  However, when a beautician does something much different to your hair, than what you requested, there is no need in you ever giving him or her your money ever again.

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