Friday, October 26, 2012

African Business Woman stalked on Facebook killed: Black women be careful using social networks

Cynthia Osokogu, 24, was not just a model, but she was also a grad student and a very successful business woman who was supposed to be buying stock from two killers who lured her to travel to Lagos, Nigeria.  Sisters, this young lady had her whole life ahead of her, but like a lot of black women, she trusted strangers who she did not think would harm her.   You cannot be too nice to people.   People always like to accuse reserved individuals of being funny acting, because they refuse to mingle with everyone, but it more better to be safe and be called 'snobby and stuck-up,' than dead.

These are the two alleged killers, Echezona Nwabufor and his cousin, Ezike Ilechukwu Olisaeloka.  These two ruthless murderers persuaded Cynthia Osokogu who agreed to meet them alone in a motel room.  They tricked her into drinking two containers of poisonous fluid and then beat her to death when she tried to defend herself.  No one was there to protect her from these two cold blooded killers.  Sisters, if you are in any type of business do not ever agree to meet buyers or sellers in a private place, but meet them with someone outdoors or in a public place and not by yourself.   Cynthia was a very intelligent woman, but anyone can be fooled when there is a discussion, regarding sales.  Therefore, be very careful when using these social networks, not just Facebook.  Although, the internet is a blessing for many of you in business, you have to be smart and not be so quick to trust these strangers whom may seem like they are nice people.  Do not even trust women, if they should lure you to meet in a private place, some of them have been known to kill innocent victims.

As black women, Satan is just waiting for us to run into the wrong people, because he is already mad we are not taking the easy way to make money, like being a prostitute, a madam or a drug dealer.   Satan does not want us to do legitimate business, he wants us to get into a web where no one will be able to help us out.  He already uses this society to make us feel we are not beautiful and not smart in the head.  So, this is why many of us have faced the demon of oppression to the extreme, no matter how we have tried so many times to reach our goals for success.  He uses people to either make us feel like we can never become successful women or killers to capture us when we refuse to accept the negative lies about black women, even if we are doing legitimate business.  Therefore, do not be discourage by this story, just be smart and use your head, always let buyers or sellers know you are prepared with your team of associates (more than one person you know) to meet them in public.   Again, we are not saying our dear sister was not smart, but we do feel there should have been someone to protect her and she should not have met these strangers in a private place. 

May Cynthia Osokogu rest in peace.  We are praying for her family.

In the meantime, we also will be praying for the killers that they will admit what they have done and totally surrender their souls to God before it is everlasting too late.

Watch Video

Facebook 'stalkers' face trial for model's murder

By Vladimir Duthiers, CNN

Lagos, Nigeria (CNN) -- Cynthia Osokogu had it all: Beauty -- she was a former model -- intelligence and business savvy. She also modeled herself on her idol, Tyra Banks, and was emerging as a successful businesswoman.

"She was hardworking, loving, industrious and beautiful," said her mother, Joy Osokogu. "She had achieved so much at age 24."

On July 21 this year, Osokogu traveled to Lagos from...Read full article, here.

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