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10 Worst Cities for Black Women to live in America

Many of you are always trying to find a better city to live in, because our American society is much different than it was over 30 years ago.   Many of us 70's and 80's babies can recall crime, but nothing compared to what we are seeing in the news, today.  We are afraid for many of our sisters, because many of them lack knowledge about where to relocate.  For instance, as soon as someone tells them to go to Atlanta, they instantly plan to go without any knowledge of the crime rate, there.   Sisters, we encourage you to take heed to this article and do not be so quick to move to a popular city, just because you have heard it is the 'black mecca' or the rent is so cheap you can afford to buy a decent home.  

These are the 10 worst cities for black women to live in, in America.  Please take heed and do not go. 
  1. Detroit, Michigan-is the first on the list for 4 years.  You know you better not move to Detroit.   Please pay attention to our previous articles, we have presented to you.  Many black women have came up dead among other victims.
  2. St. Louis, MO.-We have heard that the violence in St. Louis is just like living in Oakland, CA.  Please do not go, black women.
  3. Oakland, CA.-Now, Oakland used to be the place to live back in the days of Huey P. Newton, but it seems when many African Americans lost their pride, self-respect and disrespecting each other, they eventually lost their power over the city.  Now, Oakland is dominated by Latino population, although the mayor is an Asian woman.  Many blacks, along with the Latinos and other races are committing some of the worst crimes.
  4. Memphis, TN.-How many fans do we have of Sergeant Caroline Mason who did a great job on the hit tv show, The First 48?  We watched many shows and we learned there is a lot of crime in Memphis and if we were you, we would think twice about going there.  One man called himself moving from Los Angeles to Memphis to be with his family (the usual black thing).   He jumped from the fire into the frying pan.  He was a very successful barber in Los Angeles, but when his young son was in the midst of violence, he relocated where his mother and siblings lived in Memphis.  He began fixing up some abandoned homes.  A few black men kept eye on him, plotted to rob and they killed him.
  5. Birmingham, AL.-This is another popular city that is often shown on the First 48.   Birmingham has a lot of violence among black people.  One thing is very awkward about this place, it has much in common with Atlanta.   It is an historical place where the late Dr. Martin Luther King marched the streets and led his rallies, but many blacks whom reside there do not appreciate it and for some devilish reason they hate and kill there own race.   At the police station in Birmingham, the African American investigators dominate and they do their job well, but it is very sad to watch how often times, it is the black criminals they have to interrogate.
  6. Atlanta, GA.-As we have told you in our above passage, Atlanta may have been known as the 'black mecca' for several years, but it is the most 6th dangerous cities in the nation.  Many African Americans would like to be proud to live there, because of the historical civil rights movement, but we have to be honest with you, it can be a very dangerous place to live and many black people there, do not love and respect each other.
  7. Baltimore, MD-Baltimore is another place where a lot of African Americans reside, but it has been very dangerous for many years.  It may be known as the birth place of a few famous black celebrities, but it is nothing to be proud of when you read about how a very successful politician (Kenneth Harris) was murdered by some ruthless black men a few years ago.
  8. Stockton, CA.-Stockton is a small city in the San Joaquin Valley.   For some odd reason, many blacks are still moving from the San Francisco Bay Area to escape the high rent, but for over 20 years, Stockton has not only been the most dangerous city, it also has been allegedly known to be one of the most racist cities.   For some reason, many African Americans have been allegedly known to be weak, they protect white supremacists and fight against blacks whom speak up for their rights.
  9. Cleveland, OH.- is another dangerous city, we would not advise you to move there. Many African Americans live in Cleveland, but for many years, the black on black crime has not declined.
  10. Buffalo, NY.- Buffalo maybe listed as the 10th most dangerous city in the nation, but really, you have to be very careful where-ever you go in New York.

If you have family in any of the above cities, encourage them to leave, regardless if they have lived there all of there lives. Specifically, many African American natives of Atlanta ignore the crime so much and uplift their city, they are in denial of how dangerous it is.   For too many years, some black people have given cities like Atlanta and Houston positive ratings, but a few of our journalists who lived there once in their lives, can tell you statistics don't lie. 

Although, this is last year's list of the 10 most dangerous cities, please be cautious of living in any of these cities, click the link to see them. 

Another thing that is very important for you to remember is this, just because a city is not on the list, does not mean it is safe to reside there.   This article is just revealing the top 10, so please realize these other following cities we also would not suggest for you to live: Trenton, Camden or Newark New Jersey; Brooklyn or Bronx New York; Stone Mountain, GA; Miami, FL., Memphis, TN.; Los Angeles, CA.; Phoenix, AZ; Chicago, IL.; Milwaukee, WI.; Indianapolis, IN.; Oak Cliff in South Dallas, TX; Houston, TX.; Prince George, MD., Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN. 

As black women, we can love who we are, but we do not have to put up with living in a dangerous environment.  Yes, we know a lot of you probably heard a lot of positive things about the few above cities, but it is best to go by facts and not what you hear.  By the way, we have several journalists of AT2W whom have lived in some of the various above cities and they can tell you sisters, facts don't lie. 

Detroit ranked most dangerous city in the country fourth year in a row as economic devastation continues to take its toll 

By Daily Mail Reporter

Detroit was once the industrial capital of the nation. But, decades of economic decline and a ruinous recession have turned the Motor City into America's crime...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo:
Source: Baltimore Sun


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