Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Why Some Black Women Shave Their Heads to Regrow Hair

Sisters, many black women do not know, but there is a such a thing as your hair having the ability to become virgin hair, again.   However, you have to be willing to make that commitment to not be ashamed of being seen as a woman with a clean shaved head.   A lot of black women may do it as a symbolic thing, "This is me and I am beautiful without hair", you know, they just want to be seen as an original woman, but some women do it, because they simply desire to regrow their virgin hair.  Really, it can be a healthy thing to do.  However, you have to take on that secure attitude similar to strong confident women who wear just because they love who they are.

Of course, we are aware some of our sisters have gone through chemotherapy treatment and that is the reason why they have no choice unless they wear a wig.  Fortunately, they can regrow their hair, if after they are blessed to combat their illness. 

Now many of you black women may not be secure like Erykah Badu to go out in public with a clean shaved head, but we have seen some black women very happy to wear it and we can comprehend very good reason why, when it comes to regrowing your virgin hair.  Many of our sisters have the wrong concept and think you only can grow virgin hair once, that's not true.  You can regrow your virgin hair, from the roots.   This could mean it will be a very slow process depending on how fast your hair can grow on an individual basis.  Some women just prefer to go natural, because they do not have the patience to go bald for several months or they just do not want to be identified with the masculine look.   Therefore, it is according to how you feel about yourself.  Do you have the confidence to feel comfortable with a clean shaved head, regardless of our society of some people whom may feel uncomfortable with seeing you that way as a woman? 

It is sort of like with sexuality, many people feel once touched you cannot ever go back to being a virgin, but with your hair it can be very much different.  If you regrow your hair from its' roots, it can be purely natural, because it was never chemically processed and in many cases, it can grow out in a more healthy state.   By chance, if you feel uncomfortable wearing a clean shaved head, do not do it, just because someone else does it, do it because you are happy with yourself and you have made the decision for yourself.   Also, please acknowledge you can still grow a full head of healthy hair and you do not choose to shave your head.   Just continue to keep all chemicals out of your hair, do not hot press and allow your hair to grow out in its' natural state.  Virgin or non-virgin hair, you still can grow naturally long hair, so do not give up sisters. 

Photo: Blend Images
Photo: http://theurbandaily.com/540102/the-leak-erykah-badu-lil-wayne-jump-up-in-the-air/


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