Monday, September 3, 2012

Videos: 10-Year-Old Girl Returns home from church and finds her mother, Sheree Day Dead: Black Women, what is going on?

The tragic death of this 42-year-old mother, Sheree Day is just horrible.  She just grieved over the loss of her own mother and stepfather and never thought she would be next to die.   Police allegedly suspect there is an estranged boyfriend of Day who possibly waited until the young girl went to church to stab Day and even feel she let him in.  Just days before, this estranged boyfriend was angry and threw a tantrum in Sheree's home.  We want to ask you dear sisters, what is going on among black women?   Why are our sisters of all ages, dying early, all sorts of ways? 

Now this young girl, the daughter of this deceased mother will have a very hard time forgetting the last time of seeing her mother.   How can this young girl ever go on in life without ever thinking about how her mother possibly was discovered in a pool of blood?   This young girl went to church with a neighbor, thinking she would see her mother when she got back.  Think about it, black women, how can she even realize her purpose for going to church?   When things like this happen in the black community, one grows up feeling like God has deserted the back race, but that is not true.  However, on a spiritual level, it will take some time for this young girl to learn why she found her mother dead, after coming home from church.   She will possibly thinking about how she lost her grandparents and then, her mother in a short span of time.   Please realize black women, this little girl is appointed for greatness, all because she had to face this tragedy of finding her mother stabbed to death, after worshiping God.  Of course, God did not do this, but because this unsaved suspect was so much full of evil, it was bound to occur as many other crimes that have took the lives of our sisters.

Why is it when black women are blessed to live over 40, people think of it as being old, but when they die, they realize it is too young?   Forty-two-years old is very young and no one of any age should have to die in such a tragic way.   Therefore, we encourage you to be very careful whom you allow in your life and live your life as wise person, but very young in spirit.   Do not waste time with a man whom has signs of violence, your children need you more than anything.   God gave you life and He should be the only One to decide when your life will end.  Therefore, God did not take this woman's life, sometimes, we spend time with people whom are our worst enemies and even those they are connected to, just because some ignorant activists think we should unite and communicate with those whom hate us, no matter what.  You can be kind and show love at a distance.  You do not have to listen to people to who think of you as stuck up.   You should be more concerned about your life, instead of someone making your life a living hell.  Therefore, be very smart and learn how to pray for people, but use wisdom and stay your distance, if you feel they make cause you too much emotional pain or physical harm.

Interim, we will be praying for this 10-year-old girl and the rest of the family.

If you are in a situation you cannot get out of right now and you want God to help you, please make sure you are saved.  Accept Jesus Christ in your life and ask for His divine protection.  Many times we make mistakes in our lives and do not realize the danger up head, but having Christ in your life will give you direction to eventually avoid certain people.  Please rush to our Salvation page and receive Jesus in your life, right now.   For those of you who desire spiritual strength, we invite you to watch our videos and a link can be found there, on our Salvation page.

Woman found stabbed to death in Detroit home
By: Smita Kalokhe

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Detroit Police are investigating the stabbing death of a woman on Detroit's East side. 

The 42-year-old woman was found by her 10-year-old daughter when she returned home from church.
Sheree Day, identified by family members, was killed in her home in the 18-thousand block of McCormick near Lang. Police say there were no signs of forced entry...Read full article, here.

Watch Video

 Watch Video

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