Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Updated Correction: Norma Jean Scott, Missing woman was forced out of a house by her boyfriend who took her to church

We apologize, the news we received was wrong, it was not the neighbors of Norma Jean Scott who dragged her out of her home, it was her boyfriend, "Abe" who was seen forcing her out of his house.  However, we still encourage you to be very careful of your neighbors and the previous article still implies to some wicked people whom live near you or even those whom reside in your house.  Now, on this following video, we have learned that her boyfriend whom neighbors identify as "Abe" has a history of violence against women.  This Houston pastor, Pastor Alton Mitchell on the following video even recalls him bringing Norma to church with him.

Although, neighbors feel the body found in the woods, across from Abe's house is Norma Jean Scott, Pastor Mitchell wants to wait and see the outcome at the medical examiner's office.

As some neighbors claim this guy who was Norma Jean Scott's boyfriend has a history of violence against women and if they actually saw him forcing her out of his house and now a body has been found directly across from his house, it most likely could be her dead corpse.  

We want to forewarn you black women to always be careful when a man shows interest in you, even if he attends church, you do not know what is in him, meaning how close he is to God.   Just because a guy may go to church, it does not mean he has fully surrendered to God.  You have to be very sure, he has been cleansed from all of his sins and it not one to cause you any harm, emotionally or physically.  Sisters, you must be led by God and not trust a man just because he is in church, going to church does not make you save, it is the life one lives, fully obedience to God.

If this is the dead body of Norma Jean Scott, may she rest in peace.  Furthermore, we pray her boyfriend repents for killing her, if he is guilty.  Also, we pray he fully surrenders his life to the Lord Jesus Christ.

As we mentioned in our previous article, it pays to be saved.    Black women, give your life to the Lord Jesus Christ and after doing so, ask Him to give you the gift to discern what type a spirit a man has, before you call him your boyfriend or even accept his proposal for marriage.   Again, we are not saying this woman, Scott did not know Jesus, but for the rest of you whom are alive, you need to make sure you are saved, because you do not know when your life will end, if you are not serving the Lord.   If this is you, please rush to our Salvation page, now. 

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Pastor waits to learn fate of missing woman after body is found

HOUSTON (FOX 26) - Norma Jean Scott has only been attending Mission Baptist Church for a few months, but its pastor said she's quite a presence.

"She has a great worship personality," Pastor Alton Mitchell said.  "We certainly embraced her when she came to be part of our church."

She came because her boyfriend, a man neighbors identify as "Abe...Read full article, here.

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