Thursday, September 13, 2012

Update: Police increase reward for leads in murder of Atlanta business owner, Vanessa Thrasher

If you have been following the case of the late Atlanta business owner, Vanessa Thrasher who was shot to death, after handing over $200 dollars to her four killers.  So far, police have done a great job catching two of the four murder suspects, Otis Ricks, then Demario Carman just last week.  Now, they are trying to catch Gerald Peterson and the fourth gangster known as "CJ".  Thrasher tried to help and encourage the community and this is the way they pay her back?

Vanessa Thrasher's family really would like for their loved one's murder case to be solve so if you have any information regarding where these other two murder suspects could be, please call Atlanta police at: Call: 404-577-TIPS (8477) or Text: CSA Tip to CRIMES (274637).   You may even submit your tip online @ Atlanta police, website here at

As you can see these killers who took the precious life of Vanessa Thrasher are all members of a gang called 'The Cambellton Road Gangsters.'  Although, she gave them all of the money out of the cash register, they shot her to death 7 times.   Think about if this happened to one of your family members or even yourself.   Color is irrelevant when it comes to our own race doing evil and God wants you to do the right thing and not hold back on any information.

SOBW readers,
Ms. Vanessa Thrasher was not breaking the law, she was operating her family owned business of over 40 years.   She was a business woman and all four of these black men took her life.   Many African Americans are forever complaining about white supremacists how they hate us, but these criminals are no different than them, because evil has no color.

Think about it black women, Vanessa Thrasher was older than all four of these criminals and this is the disrespect she got in return, murder.  Many youngsters do not even respect their elders anymore.  They would rather give them hell on earth, all because of their own selfishness and greed.   This is why we encourage all of you sisters to learn how to understand each other, because some of these black men do not care about us and no matter how hard we desire to make a difference for the community, they along with some other infantile black women have no respect for us.   Vanessa Thrasher cared about her community and was an activist.   She tried to clean up the community, but in return, these four men gave her death.   You black women whom fear God, fully surrender yourselves to God and teach your sons how to respect black women and other black men.   Teach them how to respect there elders and if they lack money, then train them how to work for what they want, not steal from business owners and innocent people like Vanessa Thrasher.  Some of these young black men (including some black women) today may even know how to work, but they have never been taught how to respect their elders.   Therefore, they need all of the elements combined, because it makes no sense teach them how to work, if they lack respect for other people in general, including black women. 

If you would like to receive Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, please rush to our Salvation page now.   God bless you.

 Watch Update on the arrest on this gangster, Demario Carman, here @

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Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5

Police increase reward for leads in murder of business owner

Police have increased a reward to $12,000 for information leading to more arrests in the slaying of a popular business owner in northwest Atlanta.

Police are looking for two more men believed to be connected with the death of Vanessa Thrasher, who was shot seven times at O.T.’s Lounge Soulfood. The longtime business at....Read full article, here.


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