Friday, September 7, 2012

Update: Deanna Cook: Murder victim's family not satisfied with 911 upgrades

In our opinion, it does not make sense for Dallas to make upgrades in their department for 911 operators, after the fact Deanna Cook died.  They still cannot change the fact that a 911 operator failed to do his or her job while listening to the screaming pleas from a woman who was dying in the hands of her killer, an ex-husband.  On this following video, Police Chief David Brown allegedly said they are not perfect, but that seems like an unfair response since Deanna Cook has lost her life and her family will never see her again.

One of Deanna Cook's sisters' Karletha Gundy is still speaking out in memory of her sister who was allegedly was dying on the phone while pleading with the 911 operator for help.  Gundy is still not happy, because the upgrades came too late and she still expects a better response coming from city officials over the 911 department.   Possibly, it would be a good idea for the family of Deanna Cook to file a lawsuit, because it does not seem like anything else can be done.

May Deanna Cook rest in peace.

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Murder victim's family takes little comfort in city's 911 upgrades 



 DALLAS - The family of a murder victim who died while waiting for help responded Thursday to changes to the 911 system and the disciplinary actions against the 911 call takers, who made a series of mistakes. "It's an emergency response system, and the system failed," said the victim’s sister, Karletha Gundy.

Gundy said she's watched as the Dallas Police Department has scrambled to fix some of the problems that...Read full article, here.


Source, Photo and Video: WFAA



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