Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Update Black Women: Triple murder suspect, Joseph Smith waives court appearance and accused of third crime

There is a correction to made in the case of Joseph Smith who allegedly murdered three people.   He was not married yet, he had one more month to marry his fiancee, Shatikey "Tiki" Griffin.  We apologize, we were just going by the previous report.   Also, we found out after he murdered Shatikey Griffin and her daughter, Demiya, he murdered his girlfriend.  The dead woman found in the motel room was Smith's girlfriend, Loveitt Wallace.  Now, that it's all clear, we just want to send out our condolences to all of the families of the murder victims. 

We want to start off this article, by informing all of you sisters that Joseph Smith is also wanted for a third crime, rape and aggravated assault.  However, he has waived his court appearance and now all of the families will have to wait to see him in court.     

Sisters, Joseph Smith is a very cold soul and as you can see, he must not care about allegedly killing all three black women.   He does not even have the heart to face the judge, immediately.  Instead, he has chosen to commit another crime while making the families wait.  It cannot be understood why he has the right to waive his right to appear his court, we suppose this is what it means for criminals having rights  Whatever the case, these three black women are dead and he has allegedly raped another one.   Joseph Smith is a very dangerous person whom is possessed with a demon to kill, possibly any black woman who comes in his sight. 

It is time for you to wake up, be very careful what man you choose to marry or even spend time with in a relationship, because you do not know what level of hate is boiling in their soul.  Are there any good black men?  Of course, there are, just like some of us are good black women, but you have to make sure your soul is right with the Lord Jesus Christ, so you will trust Him to send the right man to you.   Again, we are not judging the deceased victims, but for the rest of you whom are living, please make sure you are saved and have accepted God in your life, because if not, you cannot expect a good and saved man to come you way.  The Devil has got many monsters roaming the streets, they may so fine to you on the outside, but in their soul is is dark, dirty and very ugly.   Therefore, you must think about meeting a man on spiritual level, not just attracted to his physical appearance, which we don't see with Joseph Smith, but obviously, these two dead women thought he looked good.  

This brings us to this point, are in you a dangerous relationship and you feel like you need to be saved?  Maybe, you are not in a dangerous relationship, either way you need to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, dear sister.   God is waiting on you to accept Him, finding a good looking black man with slick personality, is not the answer.  Just like you looking like a fast woman is not the answer for him, the answer is Jesus Christ and when accept Him, you allow Him to mold you into the woman He wants you to be.  Please go straight to our salvation page and humbly surrender your soul to the Lord, before it is everlasting too late.  

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Triple murder suspect waives court appearance



A triple murder suspect was a no-show in court in Fulton County on Tuesday. Joseph Smith,  accused of killing his fiancee, her 12-year-old daughter, and his girlfriend, waived his court appearance.

Police say Smith shot and killed his fiancee, Shatikey "Tiki" Griffin, and her daughter, Demiya Griffin. Smith, 32, was taken into custody after a standoff at their family...Read full article, here.

Source: MyFoxAtlanta.com


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