Monday, September 17, 2012

Update: 3 will be charged in Detroit Princess shooting: When will some black women understand love and peace is the answer, not guns?

Like we said in our previous article, it would not be fair for Latoiya Mitchell and her husband to be charged alone in the Detroit Princess shooting.   On the previous video, too many of those whom cried victims to Attorney James Galen wanted to make sure Mitchell and her husband faced jail time without realizing there were more whom should have been held responsible for the shooting.   However, Ladon Richard claims she was only using self-defense with her gun, but no guns should have ever been used on either side.

Why is it that the prosecuting attorney is being accused for retaliation when all she wants is for all parties to be held responsible for the shooting?  It just seems like the same old pattern, a whole bunch of African Americans making sure a couple of people get locked up, when the root of the problem is really all of them need spiritual help, no other side is better than the rest.  We have seen this same old pattern for years, several black people teaming up against one or two people and often times they are making a negative report to someone like Attorney James Galen, in this case a white person.   How are we going to decrease the prison rate, if African Americans are always teaming up against others to make sure someone white gets them locked up?  Should this married couple be held responsible?   Yes, but we do not see the two of them as the only ones who were guilty of the Detroit Princess shooting.  The saying that says, there are two sides to every story is very true and if all of these people whom complained against the couple would have just accepted the prosecuting attorney's decision not to press charges, then Ladon Richard would not be facing time now.  Always locking people up in prison is not the answer.  Many times, the answer is for more black men and women to vow to love and have more peace among each other, then we can expect our children to love and respect each other.   

Of course, we were not there during the night of the Detroit Princess shooting, but we have faith for people who allegedly are caught in the wrong to become better people.  Therefore, we pray for Latoiya Mitchell and her husband Michael Thomas to get right with God, along with anyone else who do not know Him.  

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Fox 2 News Headlines

3 will be charged in Detroit Princess shooting

DETROIT ( - Prosecutors are finally ready to file charges in connection with the Detroit Princess shooting.  Three people will be charged, including Latoiya Mitchell, who allegedly shot six people back in August.

Her husband, Michael Thomas, will also be charged along with Ladon Richard...Read full article, here.




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