Monday, September 10, 2012

Texas Man murders 16-year-old girl before she can testify against him for raping her two years ago: Black women, should you stop your children from going on social networks?

Those of you whom are mothers should take heed to this article.    Just look up at Shania Gray, she had her whole life ahead of her, but it was taken away by Franklin Davis who allegedly raped her when she babysat his two children.   Two years later, he disguised himself on Facebook, kidnapped her and drove her to a park, then shot her to death.  Then, he tossed her body into a river, very sad.   However this is the type of day where are living in, so dangerous, you have to monitor your teen and be wise not to allow them to babysit for anyone or even use any sort of social networks without restrictions.   Black women, if you love your girls, wake up, this world is too evil and whether black or white, you do not know who you can trust.

The sad thing about this case is that Shania Gray faithfully went to church and always loved to sing for the Lord.   However, Satan still worked through this wicked man who did not want her to testify against Him.

Black women, if you love your daughters, stop allowing them to babysit for parents, that's what childcare is for.  Now we are not blaming Shania's parents for what happened to her, but we still have to forewarn the rest of you to be wise and use restrictions to protect your child.  
However, in this case, babysitting for this alleged sick rapist and murderer was not the only problem, but Shania was also tricked by him on Facebook, two years later.  If you have been lenient with your children on social networks, you need to stop, think and make drastic changes.   In our opinion, it is much easier for alleged child molesters like Franklin Davis to reach innocent young children and teens like Shania Gray, because of some social networks and internet chat rooms they can disguise themselves as though they are someone different. Of course, he had already raped her, but by her being able to use Facebook after the sexual attack was not wise.

As mothers, many times your children may not understand your restrictions when they get to a certain age, but your job is to show them various cases like this one that reveals young girls raped and killed. You are supposed to tell them why you are strict and as a parent, why you must protect them. Although, Davis forewarned her not to tell anyone or he would kill her, Shania still was going to testify against him.   As a parent, there should have been tight restrictions for her to not go outside without an adult or even browsing the internet without a parent observing her connections.   If a parent does not have time to keep up with their daughter, after the fact of her being raped, then in our opinion, she should not have been allowed to go on any sort of social networks.   Franklin Davis had already threatened this girl's life, then was able to disguise himself the lure her to a park to kill her.   Black women, the ball is in your court as a parent, it is time for you to recognize, we are not living back in the 1970's and 80's when our mothers were afraid for us to play outside alone or travel to the mall with our girlfriends.  In those days, there were no computers, so they worried about other ways we could be kidnapped or murdered by killers like Davis.   When computers became popular in the average household, tight restrictions should have been mandatory in every household when every family purchased one.   These days, there must be mandatory monitoring whenever your child, daughter or son is using the computer, no matter how grown they think they are.

Sisters, what you are going to do now?   Are you going to continue allowing your daughters to babysit for these parents who could just pay childcare to watch their children?   Also, are you going to continue to allow your daughters to use social networks without you monitoring their accounts?   We often hear mothers in the black community say things like, 'oh, I trust my child', without realizing other people cannot be trusted who come in contact with them.   Then we have heard them say, 'my child is almost grown, they are smart enough to know when someone is up to no good.'  You see, no matter what we try to tell you sisters, you may not listen, but after you watch this following video, it would be wise for you to take heed, before you eat your words.

Now some of you sisters may have had a daughter who was raped by a guy like Franklin Davis.   If you do not know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, it is time for you to yield to the throne of God and surrender your life to Him, along with your daughter.   You need God's divine protection from evil spirits that may try and take away your child's life or even your own.  We are living in an evil day and too many children are being molested by adults whom have no fear of God.   Would you like to give your heart to Jesus Christ, so He can take full control of your life?  You may do so now by going straight to our Salvation page.

May Shania Gray rest in peace and our prayers go out to her family and bestfriend.

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 Man murders girl, 16, before she can testify against him for raping her two years ago...and he lured her to her death by posing as a teen on Facebook

By Laura Pullman

A man facing charges of raping a teenage girl two years ago murdered the 16-year-old last week so that she could not testify against him in his upcoming sexual assault trial, said police.

Franklin Davis, 30, of Irving, Texas, confessed to shooting dead Shania Gray after he was arrested on unrelated driving offenses on Friday and police began questioning him about the girl's death.

Davis allegedly raped and sexually assaulted Gray in 2010 when she babysat for his two children. In July 2011, he was charged with...Read full article, here.

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