Sunday, September 16, 2012

Stripper commits $24,000 food stamp fraud: Black women, for plastic surgery?

Brenda Charlestain, by trade she's a paralegal, but by night she's a stripper who allegedly claimed she received over $85,000 in tips from dancing at various stripper clubs, but prosecutors evidence revealed otherwise. Prosecutors allegedly accused the defendant of spending nearly $24,000 in food stamp fraud for cosmetic surgery and getting a paint job done on her car.  However, Charlestain claims she was homeless and was not able to make thousands of dollars until she became a stripper.  Black women, if the charges are accurate, plastic surgery and a paint job is not worth you ever spending time in jail.

Sisters, we acknowledge how hard life can be, especially in this time of a recession.  However, we encourage you not to strip for money, but also, do not ever commit food stamp fraud or break any other type of law, because when the feds catch up with you, you will have to possibly face some time in jail away from your children, if any.  

As far as getting plastic surgery, we tell you all the time, God already made black women beautiful, there is no need for you to ever pay for any doctor to surgically change your features or the texture of your skin.   Whether you get the money, illegal or legal, it is never acceptable for you to change the way God has created you to be.  There are many white women who wish they had our features and color, so you are wasting your money trying to change your natural identity.  For many years, some whites in society have been prejudice against Afrocentric features, but they have tried to make an effort, not only to look and act like us, but change themselves.  Therefore, it is not ever worth you spending a penny on plastic surgery.

Furthermore sisters, we want to encourage you to beat this recession by coming up with a lucrative business or an idealistic invention.  As an exotic dancer, you are putting yourself at risk.  Many of you who do not know the Lord, Jesus Christ as your personal Savior need Him in your life to show you the right way.  Although, life can still be hard for you as a Christian, God wants you to trust Him.  If you are not saved black women, please rush to our Salvation page and humbly accept God in your life, but you must be willing and He will not force you to serve Him.   Do you want Jesus Christ to come into your life?   If this is you, please go straight to our Salvation page now?  Jesus, loves you and will accept you just as you are.

Stripper commits $24,000 food stamp fraud and buys $10,000 of  plastic surgery, a pricy stereo system and a custom pink paint job for her car

A former exotic dancer and paralegal accused of spending nearly $24,000 worth of federal aid on plastic surgery, a car stereo system and a pink paint job for her car has been jailed for food stamp fraud.

Appearing in Florida courtroom, Brenda Charlestain, 28, testified to being homeless and unemployed when she applied for the aid to help her and her five children. Thanks to her later work dancing, however, she made over $85,000 a year in tips.

Charlestain argued that of the accused total a large portion were gifts from male customers at various adult entertainment club...Read full article, here. 

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Photo: Broward Sheriff's Department 


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