Monday, September 3, 2012

Notorious Burglar Doris Thompson, 82, Arrested Again: Black women no matter how old you are, God can still save you

Eighty-two year old woman, Doris Thompson has been arrested for allegedly stealing over $17,000 in cash from various doctors' offices.   Thompson has been doing crime since 1955 and has not stopped yet.   This shrewd elderly woman was caught and arrested by police in El Segundo.  Now a lot of people may think just because Doris has been committing crimes for about 55 years, she cannot change, but not so, God can change anybody once they are willing to totally surrender their lives to Him.

Many of you maybe thinking how God could allow this woman to live for so long doing wrong, but God loves people and He does not judge people by their age like people do.   Doris Thompson was created by God just like everyone else and He knows her life like an open book.   Therefore, Doris' life is so precious and very valuable to God and He can still use her to save souls, because she is the type of criminal who would not be ashamed to testify of in front of some of the worst criminals.   Many times, the (black) church can be prejudice and just have outreach ministries for the youth and only certain types of women, but really, God wants ministries to start reaching out to all men, women and children, simply because He wants all souls for His Kingdom.  It seems like God wants to use Doris to save her to reach out to souls whom most people think are to old to be saved.   No one can love certain people like those whom have something in common with others have suffered the worst type of prejudice and it is called, 'ageism.'   Those of you whom have been to college and took psychology of aging can recall ageism is like racism, and either one can cause some people to become bitter and not care about what they do.   Obviously, Doris has gotten to a point in her life when she may not care anymore.  Such prejudice can cause certain people to feel as though the world is against them. Our elders have dealt with ageism in the workplace, in school and other groups where there are younger people whom take over in every generation.  Sometimes, our elders get pushed to the side and feel as though they are persecuted and mistreated as though they can no longer function like younger people.  Therefore, we can understand the mind of this black woman.   She not only has had to deal with racism, being a woman all her life, but she has also dealt with ageism.   However, through all of her trials in life, God can still save her before it is her time to meet Him, face to face.

Black women, it does not matter how old you are, it does not matter how bad your past is or how many times you have done wrong, God can still save you.   Please realize you are still here for a reason and it does not matter how people may judge you and what people say about you, God still loves you and wants to do a new thing in your life.   If you are like Doris Thompson, a woman who feels pushed aside, because you have faced multiple complexities in your life, such as being a woman, your age, your past mistakes and even your race, we want to point you to Jesus Christ.   No one can love you like Jesus and He is waiting for you to turn your soul over to Him.  He loves you and has never given up on you. Please go straight to our Salvation page and humbly receive Him into your heart.  God bless you and remain encouraged in Him.

Woman, 82, Arrested Again For Burglarizing Doctors' Offices

Woman has rap sheet dating back to 1955.

TORRANCE, Calif. -- An 82-year-old woman with a rap sheet that dates back to 1955 could face new criminal charges in more burglaries.

Torrance Police Sgt. Robert Watt said the department is submitting evidence on eight burglaries to the district attorney's office Tuesday for possible charges...Read full article, here.

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