Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mother of suspected ‘Frankenstein’ robber denies son is a monster: Black women, please stop protecting your sons

One of the biggest problems in black families, is that we have some mothers like Sherry Jefferies who deny the evil within their sons.   We have got to many black men of all ages whom are not taking responsibility for their actions.  This is what has caused trouble within the black community, mothers whom will defend their sons, no matter how much they hurt or harm other people.    If Eric Orr was caught on camera of robbing stores, wearing a Frankenstein mask, he is guilty and Sherry Jefferies needs to stop protecting her 28-year-old son who is probably nothing but a spoiled brat.

Black women like Sherry Jefferies create sorry husbands and treacherous brothers, uncles and cousins in black families, simply because they refuse to admit their sons are immature, claiming he has a mental issue is a cop out.  This is the type of guy who causes trouble for other people and when they complain, he will act out.   Now, if her son comes up dead from the next robbery, then she will be the first one crying on the news, talking about the police are racist and her son should not have died.   However, now when the law has arrested Eric Orr, it is time for her to admit her son needs to get help for himself, if he wants it.  She may admit he has an alleged mental disorder, but that's not enough, he needs to take responsibility for robbing stores.   There are a lot of people with mental issues in this world, but it does not give them the right to cause trouble for other people.   Is Sherry Jefferies going to continue making excuses that her son needs help until he runs into the wrong store owner whom refuses to allow him to rob, again?  If her grown son needs help, she needed to make sure that occurred a long time ago.  Now that he is in jail,  it is not the time to claim he needs help and committing crimes has nothing to do with schizophrenia, it's a choice.  He did wrong and now he must face the consequences for his evil.  It's time to stop the baby-boy syndrome, black women like Sherry Jefferies.

Mother of suspected ‘Frankenstein’ robber says her son ‘is not a monster’ 

Jefferies said that while she's not excusing his storied criminal history, her son missed out on desperately needed medical treatment when he was young.

The mother said that doctors diagnosed the 28-year-old with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia soon after he...Read full article, here. 

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