Friday, September 7, 2012

Mother of missing Jhessye Shockley re-arrested for murder: Black Women, don't kill your daughters

Jerice Hunter, Jhessye Shockley's mother has been arrested again and now facing murder charges based on suspicion, although no body has been found.   Investigators spoke with Hunter's other children who allegedly confessed they found Jhessye in their mother's closet with her hair pulled out, looking like a zombie.   Therefore, something very bad had to happen to this precious little girl and now her mother is in jail until going before a judge.    There are many cunning people like Jerice Hunter, they do wrong, but they continue to think they lies will never be found out.   Black women, learn how to love your daughters, as you know this world has already been hard for many of us black women, because we are the most hated not only within society, but even within our race.

Usually when bodies of missing persons are found, it is many years later, which may be the case of  Jhessye Shockley, because her mother refuses to admit the truth.   Sisters, it is a sin to lie and many times if you do not change and surrender to the Lord, your demon will be transferred into your children.  Ask God to save you from lying, before you end up being a murderer like Jerice Hunter.    Sometimes God turns such people over to a reprobate mind, because they refuse to admit their wrong doing and fully surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ.

It is time for you black women whom are not saved or even call yourselves saved, but have not totally surrendered to God to wake up, because it is not fair for your children to endure your malice toward them.   We will never understand why so many black mothers can love their sons, but hate their daughters. 
What did Jhessye do to deserve such persecution from her own mother?  We do not know what possessed this mother to allegedly do harm to her child, but one thing is for sure, she never surrendered her soul to Jesus Christ to end up as an habitual liar and a murderer.

May Jhessye Shockley rest in peace and we pray her mother eventually admits what she has done and point the police where she placed her body. 

Many of you black women need to humble yourselves before the throne of God.   Would you like to be saved?   If you do not know how to love your own child, you need Jesus to come into your life.   If this is you, salvation is free, but God does not want to force you to serve Him, you must only do so, if you desire for Him to come into your life.  If so, please rush to our Salvation page and give your heart to Jesus Christ.

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Mother of missing Jhessye Shockley re-arrested on suspicion of first-degree murder

By Daily Mail Reporter The mother of Jhessye Shcokley, the Arizona girl missing for nearly a year was re-arrested on Thursday on suspicion of the first-degree murder of her daughter and on charges of child abuse. Police in the Phoenix suburb of Glendale announced at a news conference that Jerice Hunter was taken into custody without incident at her home in Mesa. Hunter, 38, was indicted earlier in the day by a Maricopa County...Read full article, here.  Source: and Video: azfamily,cin 


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