Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mom defends herself for fighting teenager on a bus, says she was defending her child against a bully: Are some black women this foolish?

Dannetta Phillips is right, many children do need a good old fashion discipline, but you cannot go around putting your hands on kids that are not being properly corrected by their own parents.   A lot of us parents do not want our kids being bullied by others, that's to be understood.  It is a reality that many children act grown, but they remain immature, simply because their parents are childish.  The problems from their homes comes to the school and in this case, it came right on the school bus.  

For many years, it has been a known fact that the problems inside of the home is the reason many children are very disrespectful toward adults, but it is wrong to punch them out. The kid called this mother out of her name and she wanted to teach him a lesson.   Of course, it gets flustering dealing with these rude kids, but-this is why it pays for our sisters to work hard and place our children in a better environment and put them in a better school.  It does not help to physically beat them up, if they call us out of our name and disrespect us.  Yes, they can get ignorant, but it is not worth you stooping down to their level.  If it were possible we would change all of these rude kids like magic, but it does not work that way, it gets worst when physical harm is inflicted on these children.  Of course, we know Dannetta is not a child abuser, but she got fed up, all because this child obviously was not taught how to respect adults and not bully other children. We are going to tell you the truth, the solution is not to allow children push us over the edge.

Now, this mother has been charged with child abuse, all because she refuse for this child to disrespect her.  We want you to learn from other people whom make mistakes.   This is not the end for Dannetta Phillips and she can move forward, but we would suggest to all of you sisters who may find yourself feeling pushed to throw punches on these rude kids is to just walk a way and get your kids into a better environment.  It is not easy, but there other ways to avoid such a situation.

Mom defends herself for fighting teenager on a bus, says she was defending her child against a bully 

A Florida mom arrested for getting in a fight with a teenager says she was just protecting her child from a bully.

Felicia Dannetta Phillips, 35, was charged with child abuse and trespassing on Wednesday morning after getting into a physical altercation with...Read full article, here.



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