Thursday, September 13, 2012

Missing Oklahoma woman found alive in freezer, after 5 days to escape tornado: What would you do black women?

Theresa Christian's son was looking for his 50-year-old mother and had no idea she was hiding in the deep freezer to escape a possible tornado in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Obviously, Christian had seen a lot of lessons for people, if they should get caught in an emergency natural disaster.  Thank God, Theresa Christian was heard moaning by police, but now she is in critical condition at St. John Medical Center. Black women, what would you do if you were like Theresa, trying to escape a tornado or any other sort of disaster like an earthquake or hurricane?

We suppose Theresa Christian was not going to take any chances, getting caught up in a tornado. We can't say we blame her, but now she is trying to recover from frost bites in the lower area of her body, according to
.  However, if you are ever afraid sisters, you should at least always have a working cell phone on you to leave a message with a close friend or a relative to inform them where you will be, if you should decide to hide in a deep freezer.

In the meantime, we will keep Theresa Christian and her family in our prayers.

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On ice: 'Missing' Tulsa woman crawled into freezer, stayed for days

Theresa Christian’s disappearance was chilling for her family. It was even more chilling when they found her alive five days later. Christian, 50, crawled into a deep freezer to hide from a tornado that threatened to hit Tulsa, and then couldn’t get out. Her family stopped hearing from her Source and Photo: Source:


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