Monday, September 24, 2012

Flight attendant brings revolver through Philly airport security and gun accidentally fires into TSA break room: Black women, use your head

It is hard to believe that this flight attendant, Jaclyn Luby left her gun in her purse when she arrived for work at Philadelphia International airport.  Fortunately, no one was hurt when it accidentally went off, but what if it had of hurt someone?  No doubt, she would have gotten fired, but she only received a citation.

Ladies, when you get dressed for work early in the morning, what do you do?   You wash up, get dress, put on your make-up and possibly go through your purse to make sure you got everything, especially your car keys.  However, this is why it is very unclear how Luby could forget the gun was in her purse.  Especially working for an airport, you know there is heavy security.   Every since 9/11, each and every employee knows everyone is under suspicion.   

Come to think of it, Jaclyn could have had the gun in her purse for protection while being stalked by someone, possibly an ex-boyfriend or husband.  However, the fact remains, going through an airport, you still have to be on guard knowing you just cannot being a gun pass security without the detector going off.  

 Thank God, no one was hurt. 

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Flight attendant brings revolver through Philly airport security and gun accidentally fires into TSA break room

A gun found inside a flight attendant’s handbag by screeners at Philadelphia International Airport early Sunday accidentally discharged into a break room — but missed hitting anyone, according to reports

Republic Airlines flight attendant Jaclyn Luby was walking through airport screening around 6:50 a.m. when she placed her carry-on bag...Read full article, here.

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