Friday, September 21, 2012

Ethics panel to hold hearing in Maxine Waters case

Although, Maxine Waters denies she did anything wrong, today she must face the ethics panel who will decide if she is guilty of trying to move U.S. bailout money to a bank where her husband owns stock.   For several months, we have been waiting to hear what was going to happen in this case, regarding Waters fraudulent allegations.  

In her defense, she claims she only requested a meeting at the Treasury Department on behalf of an association of troubled minority-owned banks that included OneUnited, according to    

Over the years, Representative Maxine Waters has been a very powerful black woman who is the senior member of the Congressional Black Caucus.  She has always been known to defend black organizations and some famous cases like in the case of the CIA Drug Trafficking.  Possibly, this it why it seems there is a conspiracy against her.  Even after the suspicious death of the late Caucasian journalist, Gary Webb who broke the story about how drugs may have gotten into this country, Rep. Maxine Waters continued to be courageous and faced legislators on the issue that has killed thousands of drug users and dealers, all sorts of ways.   

Very rarely, do you hear of a black woman as strong as Maxine Waters who stands up against racial discrimination for fear they maybe labeled militant, but she has stood her ground and it does not surprise us why she must face a hearing today.  Whenever you choose to do right black women, do not be surprise what the satanic forces may bring against you.  Rep. Waters is in a spiritual warfare, because she opposed evil in this country. 

  In the meantime, we will keep Rep. Maxine Waters in our prayers.

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Ethics panel to hold hearing in Maxine Waters case 

Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) - The House Ethics Committee will hold a hearing Friday in the case of Rep. Maxine Waters, a senior Democrat on the Financial Services Committee, who disputes allegations she tried to steer U.S. bailout money to a bank where her husband owns stock.

The hearing indicates the committee is nearing a conclusion in its investigation of the California Democrat, who has maintained her...Read full article, here. 

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