Thursday, September 20, 2012

De'Andre Lane 'obsessed with toilet training beat his two-year-old daughter to death for having an accident: How black women can choose the right man to father their children

In the 21st century, many of you sisters yet envy women whom you think are so very fortunate to have man in their lives, but it is not always a pretty picture.  In reality, there are some fathers like D'Andre Lane whom are allegedly obsessed with potty training their children, they end up killing them.   Now, D'Andre still insists that he was carjacked and that is when his little girl, Bianca was stolen from him, but when police found the car, less than an hour, little Bianca was nowhere to be found.  This is sad, do you see how Bianca's mother is looking back at D'Andre? 

Bianca bore a little girl for him and he may have killed her, but has left Banika with unanswered questions, which is very unfair.  For many years, she may never know what happened to her little girl, Bianca.  This is the type of man who can be very dangerous, a man who has a lot of mystery about him.   If a man has a lot of secrets, this is a sign what he could be capable of doing the worst kind of evil, even if it's murder.  Now, as the trial begins in the case of D'Andre on trial for murdering his own daughter, jurors will determine, if he is guilty. 

 Many of you black women maybe obsessed with the look of a high yellow man, as though he is your handsome Messiah, but you must realize the spirit of a man is more important than looks.  Therefore, you have got to learn how to make sure the spirit of a man is righteous before you allow Him into your life and you do not choose him, learn to ask God to choose the right man for you.  This is where a lot of women make mistakes within our race, not saying Bianca's mother does not know Jesus Christ as her personal Savior, but many of you whom are still searching for the right man to keep you company, you have not learned to allow Jesus to keep you company, first.   You see, when you love Him first, then you will not make a mistake meeting a man who may have killed his own child like D'Andre.    According to, Wayne County Assistant Prosecutor Carin Goldfarb told jurors,  D'Andre believed in physically punishing 2-year-olds if they have accidents.   If this is true, this is not the type of man we as black women want to be the fathers of our kids.  When God gives us the right man, he will be gentle and kind with us, including our children.   Now, you may be thinking D'Andre looks like a very nice man, but do not be fooled, we do not know what type of evil this man could have in his heart. 

We cannot imagine being the mother of Bianca, boring her for 9 months, then going into hours of labor, but a couple of years after she is born, she comes up missing and her father is a suspect for her her possible murder.   We as black women already go through enough hell as it is, why put ourselves in a predicament of being with the wrong man who may eventually kill our children we bore for them?    

D'Andre  has allegedly fathered 7 children with 7 different women.  We wonder if he has physically harmed his other children during potty training, the same way as Bianca?  If so, that is evidence right there, although his attorney, Terry L. Johnson allegedly claims there is no evidence to give him a life sentence.

How do you allow God to choose the right man for you?   You must make sure you have accepted Jesus Christ into your life.   Black women, you cannot expect God to give you the right man, if your heart is not right with Him.  Therefore, be fair and admit you need Jesus Christ to come into your life.   After you become saved, God will send you the right man, if you are faithful to Him first, that means being without sin in your life.  Then, you must pray and ask God to make you a righteous woman, one with morals and values, totally separated from sin.   Then, when God knows you are faithful to Him, He will send you the right man He desires for you to have in your life.   You see, for every righteous woman, God has a righteous man, but you must spiritually prepare yourself.  Then, once you give your life to Jesus Christ and live for Him as a righteous woman, you do not have to fear the father of your children being obsessed with potty training or even murdering them.

If this is you, we invite you to rush to our salvation page now.  Give your heart to Jesus Christ and allow God to lead the right man to you.  Would you like to be saved, sisters? 

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Man 'obsessed with toilet training beat his two-year-old daughter to death for having an accident - then told police she had been kidnapped'

By Daily Mail Reporter
A Detroit man was so obsessed over toilet training that he fatally beat his 2-year-old daughter for having an accident, a prosecutor said on Wednesday in an opening statement to jurors at the man's first-degree murder trial.

D'Andre Lane, 32, charged with child abuse in the Dec. 2 disappearance of Bianca Jones, whose body has never been found, has maintained his innocence...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo Courtesy:
Photo Courtesy: AP


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