Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Couple with baby suspected in Buckhead robberies: Black women, why have a baby?

Atlanta police is looking for this couple in the above photo and so far, they have gotten over 30 leads.  We are very concerned that this couple allegedly used their baby to distract victims they both robbed at gunpoint.   We are just going to tell you black women, if you think you are so in love with a man, you will use your own baby to rob people, you do not need a baby, but need repent for putting your baby in the midst of your crime.   

We ask you, is this going to be something we see more often, black women who are partners in crime with their man?   If you are a regular readers of Souls of Black Women, you will recall, we just did an article about an L. A. couple whom were carjacking and then, shot a Sheriff's deputy, after he realized they were on the run.   Sisters, we encourage you to have some pride about yourselves.   It is bad enough some of you maybe willing to commit a crime with your boyfriend or husband, but to use your baby, is crazy.    We know jobs are very scarce out there, but there is no excused to put others in fear, just because you lack money.   If your baby needs to eat, keep searching for a job until you find one and refuse to stoop low to use your child to steal from other people.

In the meantime, we pray the police will find this young couple and arrest them.  Also, we very much pray for the baby and sincerely hope Child Protective Services will put the baby in a safe home.

Sisters, do you have something in common with the young mother in the above photo?  Would you do anything to please your man, even if it means attempted murder?  If this is you, you need to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior.   Rush to our Salvation page and humbly allow Jesus Christ to abide in you and now be the ruler of your life.   Ladies, love your babies and children and do not ever use to them to commit crimes, it is wrong and very dangerous for them.  God bless you.

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Couple with baby suspected in Buckhead robberies

 ATLANTA -A pair of suspected robbers is accused of bringing a baby along with them on a crime spree in Buckhead.

Atlanta police say that a man and woman are accused of two robberies outside of a retail strip near Phipps Plaza on Saturday and Sunday. Surveillance footage shows...Read full article, here.

Source, Photo and Video: MyFoxAtlanta.com





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