Monday, September 24, 2012

Celebrity News:Tameka Foster Speaks Out: Black Women, How is she able to be so kind after the betrayel in her marriage to Usher?

We must say after the preview on this following video clip, Tameka Foster is one of the most kindest women to claim we all have to admit Usher is charming.  Usher proceeded with the custody battle, after she grieved for the loss of her son and then, accepted primary custody of their two boys.   How can any woman sit on an interview in front of cameras, after so much emotional pain, not to mention her bridesmaid who slept with Usher?  It must be the love of Jesus Christ.  She was kind enough to say, she feels sorry for the bridesmaid.  Tameka has such a kind heart, God created inside of a courageous black woman.

Really, Tameka is being too kind.  We all must admit Usher is very charming?   Some of us black women don't think so, because we cannot imagine allegedly losing our two sons to a low down cheating man, after mourning the loss of an older son.  Usher even had the audacity to allegedly defend his girlfriend on the witness stand in court, allegedly stating that Tameka tried to attack her.   No, Usher is not charming at all, he seems to be a lustful immature brat who expected the case to be won in his favor because he is a celebrity and seems to be his mama's baby-boy.   

You may say why insinuate he is an immature brat?  Simply, because after you tell the world you loved your woman who you chose to marry at one time, even after your mother did not show up at the wedding, you do not have an affair with someone whom was very close to the both of you.  You do not snuggle under your mother on Oprah's show as though you are an angel who made a bad decision to marry a bad person.   Tameka Raymond is not the one who had an affair and she is not the one who chose to proceed with the custody battle after he lost his child, it was the other way around.   Furthermore, the way Usher's mother stuck up for him on Oprah's Next Chapter was so sickening.   She came on the show all dolled up as though her son is the champion against a woman who she never gave a chance to be her daughter in-law, allegedly.  We are going by what was said on the interview with Oprah.   Patton allegedly stated she waited 8 years for Usher's relationship to break up with Tameka, then had the audacity to allegedly claim he apologized.   Sorry, for what? He is her son, that's it, not a baby nor anything more.  Usher is a grown man and he made his own decision to marry Tameka Foster and she is not a bad person, because she is an older woman.   If it were the other way around, people would not be so prejudice, younger women with the older man seems like it's alright, but it's wrong to mistreat women like Tameka just because she is 10 years older than Usher.  Jonetta should have given Tameka a chance, even if she did not go to the wedding, simply because she is a woman who was hurt just like her several years ago when Usher's father allegedly walked off and left her.   You see, many times, black women complain about their own individual lives and do not even consider what the next black woman is going through.  

In the meantime, we will keep Tameka Foster in our prayers, including Usher, because he is going to need it if he does not repent, this includes his mother and mistress.   For this reason, God does not put Usher upon a pedestal, because he is a celebrity and Tameka much lower, because she is a woman, 10 years his senior.  God loves them both, equally and He not One who favors one over the other, that's this old selfish world.

Sisters, if you desire to see Oprah's interview with Usher and His mother, you may go here, after viewing Tameka Foster on the following video, below.  God bless you.

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