Thursday, September 6, 2012

Celebrity News: Woman Claims to Be Michael Clarke Duncan’s Daughter: Black women, why wait until a man is dead?

In our opinion, we do not see any resemblance, at all.  Why does it seem like the usual thing for someone to claim a wealthy person, after they are dead?   Is quite strange this 32-year-old woman, Marquea Ambrose is speaking out now.   She claims they had not spoke in 11 years, but Michael Clarke Duncan never believed he was her father, although he did date her mother.  Michael Clarke Duncan's mother allegedly claims she got a phone call from Ambrose demanding some of Duncan's money.   This is very sad, that if Duncan is not her father, Marquea may not have searched for the real man who is her biological father.

We want to say to all of you black women who have respect for yourself, do not wait until a man is dead to publicly claim he is your father. It is also very disrespectful for Ambrose to allegedly harass Duncan's mother, demanding money.   This sort of reminds of us of other cases we have heard of and usually the alleged child demands some sort of inheritance.   Sisters, learn how to work for what you want and if a man does not own you as his child, do not sweat it, just realize that God is your father.  If many of you black women would be satisfied knowing that God is your father, you would not feel neglected in your personal life, but you would seek Jesus Christ to give you the confidence you need in order to be the woman he created you to be.   It does not matter if Michael Clarke Duncan had millions, billions or trillions of dollars in his bank account, his love can never amount up to God's love.   We as black women need God's love over a man's love, whether they are our fathers, brothers, uncles or cousins, because to tell you the truth some of us have not just be neglected and rejected by our fathers, but also other men in our bloodline.  Therefore, in our opinion, Marquea Ambrose needs to just put away the idea that Michael Clarke Duncan is her father and some sort of inheritance is owed to her.   No man has the greatest assets compared to God.

Black women, some of you may know who your real father is, but he has neglected you.   God allowed such things to occur in our lives as little girls to grown women, because He was saying all along, "I am your Father."   When men turn their noses up at us since when we were innocent little girls, God was holding us in His arms, letting us know, no man in your race can love you like me, simply because they have not surrendered to me.   Therefore, black women let go of the past and get the idea of who your earthly father is, out of your head.  In order to become a great woman for God's Kingdom, you must accept God as your only Father and accept the fact, no man in the black race could ever love you like Him.

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Woman Claims to Be Michael Clarke Duncan’s Daughter

A 32-year-old woman who claims to be the late Michael Clarke Duncan’s daughter is speaking out about the Academy Award nominee who died Monday.

Marquea Ambrose, 32, of Chicago, said she hadn’t talked to her father in...Read full article, here.

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