Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Black women, Philadelphia Rapist laughs, tells victim he infected her with HIV after brutal beating and sex assault

Sisters, we want you to be careful when you walk the streets alone or even with someone else.   Wait till you read this article and it was all caught on tape.  This cold-blooded unidentified rapist beats and rapes his female victim and then afterwards, he laughs, "Ha, Ha, I just infected you with HIV"  Sisters, this is why we always try to encourage you to make sure you are fully under God's submission, because the Devil is roaming the earth seeking whom he may devour (I Peter 5:8).

What would make any guy rape a woman, beat her, then laugh with the announcement he just infected her with HIV?   This rapist is an alleged demon possessed man.  Anybody who torments another human being this way is sick and on a mission for Satan.  This guy has probably assaulted other rape victims, he just may not have been so bold to rape them, then tell them he had infected them.   Instead, this rapist possibly has gotten into many relationships with black women and had sex without telling them he was HIV positive.  Although, HIV is not a new disease, there are many cases that are on the rise of some people purposely infecting others.   It has always occurred, but for some reason, some of these vicious people are on a mission to hurt their innocent victims.  So black women, please fully surrender to God and humble yourselves, there are many wicked people roaming the earth to cause you misery.

Please recognize, HIV/AIDS comes straight from the pit of hell.  Oh yes, they may say it is a man made disease, which could be very true, but take heed, the idea had to come from demonic powers.  Certain inventions are inspired by Satan and his demons.   The people whom create satanic diseases or any other evil inventions are not God's children, but they are on an assignment to take many lives before their time.  Now many years later, there are evil souls like this rapist whom yearned to pass on his affliction into his victim.   This root of HIV/AIDS was not just created by Satan to destroy the bodies of its victims, but it was meant to attack the mind and spirits of people.   For instance, in this situation of this rape victim, we pray God protects her body from any affliction, but now her wounded spirit may never recover if she does not trust in God to emotionally heal her, because of what this rapist has done.  This type of disease tries to destroy the mind and spirit of a person.

Sisters, if you were walking down the street, do you think the angels of God would protect you from someone as vicious as this rapist?   If not, would you like to serve God, so you can always remain in His safety zone?   Of course, He never told us our walk with Christ would be easy, but we have to make sure we are in full submission to the throne of Christ, because we are not safe to walk the streets anymore.   However, when you give your life to Jesus Christ, He will protect you from your enemies as our Word tells us in Psalm 37.   If you feel you need God in your life and you need Jesus Christ to abide in you, then we invite you to give your life to Him.   Allow Him to be the ruler of your life sisters, because many of us black women have been victims within our own race.   Please go straight to our salvation page, now.  God bless you.

If you know who this rapist is, please call Philadelphia police, immediately:  215.686.TIPS (8477) or text short code PPDTIP (773847) on your cell phone or online.

Watch Video 
Watch Video

Rapist 'tells victim "Ha, Ha, I just infected you with HIV" after brutal beating and sex assault'

A Philadelphia man mercilessly taunted a barely conscious woman he had raped, telling her that he had just infected her with HIV, according to the family of the female victim. Philadelphia police are now searching for a suspect they say jumped the victim from behind, pushed her into an alley, beat her unconscious and then...Read full article, here.         Source, Photo and Video:  


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