Friday, September 14, 2012

Black women don't beat your child to death: Mom and Dad charged with beating 5-year-old to death

Sisters, whenever God blesses you to have a baby-girl, He has blessed you with the image of yourself.   That's right, our daughters are the duplications of ourselves and when God blesses us to bore our daughters we ought not be so stressed out to go over the boundaries when disciplining them.  When God told us to use the rod of correction, He did not say kill them, but the rod is used to correct them.  Dominique Smith and the girl's father,Masceo Emanuel threw their parental rights away when they allegedly murdered her.  

According to, both are charged with homicide, because their 5-year-old daughter was underweight and had hemorrhaging wounds.   Sisters, some of our mothers may have mistreated us the same way, but for whatever reason is behind this evil, we are never supposed to allow this to happen to our kids.   Dominique Smith allegedly claimed she had stop using the belt, but of course, her story was not believable, because there were open wounds when she was found dead in her room.   Many of our sisters follow the discipline structure of our parents, but lack parental skills.   Let us make this clear, you are to never twist the Word of God and cause so much pain on your child, they can no longer breath.

Sisters, we beg you to love your daughters (and sons) and if you are ever stressed out, learn how to pray until God delivers you from any evil spirits of malice and depression, because your children do not deserve to die before their time.   The reason why God allowed you to bore your children, is so you could expand a family, the way He originally planned.   As you know, He would rather men and women come together and have children, but not to kill them.   

May of you sisters are not saved and need Jesus Christ to come into your life.   If this is you, we want to invite you to give your heart to Jesus and let Him take out all of the emotional pain in your life.    Possibly, you are with a man like Masceo Emanuel and he over bounds the rod of correction.  You tell Him, the both of you must only discipline, according to God's Word, because you see, this is why the states are so strict on corporal punishment now, simply because children have died.   God's Word becomes obsolete and they ignore biblical scriptures that tell us to use the rod of correction.   Therefore, make a wise decision, whether you're saved or not and do not harm and kill your child.   Again, would you like to be saved?   Would you like for Jesus Christ to come into your life?  If this is you, rush to our Salvation page now and ask God to not only save you, but give you wisdom when correcting your child.   God bless you, dear sisters and He loves you very much.

Trenton 5-year-old allegedly killed by parents was underweight, had hemorrhaging wounds, prosecutor says

TRENTON — A 5-year-old Trenton girl whose parents are charged with her July death had multiple wounds and was severely underweight when she died, a prosecutor said in court this morning.

At a bail hearing, Deputy First Assistant Prosecutor Kimberly Lacken said an autopsy found hemorrhaging in four areas of the girl’s head, leading to a coroner’s determination that she died of blunt force trauma and...Read full article,here.


Photo: Daily Mail/Handout


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