Thursday, September 20, 2012

Black women, did you say your husband wants to bring his male lover in your house?

Sisters, if ever your husband thinks he has the right to bring his male lover in your home, get a divorce, because really, you do not have a man.   Your husband does not have the right to infringe his lustful desires in your presence.  That is purely disrespect and he needs to know he cannot have you and his male lover too.   Now, this is just one among many letters we have received from unidentified sisters whom feel like there is no way out, because her husband is bringing home a lot of money and she has no career.   Black women in this sort of predicament usually do not have any family to turn to and they become very bitter, thinking they no longer have a life.  We come to tell you, you have a life and it is your time is to live it and push your husband and whom he chooses to be with in your house, out of the way.

So obviously black women, if you are in a similar situation of being married to a man whom wants to bring his male lover in the house, you know it is time you move on to the next chapter in your life.   Do you love yourself more than that man?  Well, if the answer is yes, then you need to realize when you met that man, the Devil set you up.   You need to realize God did not put the two of you together.   You may thought he was so fine at one time, but sister let us tell you the truth, this type of man is very ugly, inside and out.   Now, we are living in an age when we have a such a thing as gay marriage.  Now, as true children of God, we do not believe in that, but your husband needs to agree to a divorce and if he feels he needs to live with that man, let him make a decision to be with him.  Black women, you are so much stronger than that, you just need to set goals to move on with your life, because if you do not move on, your man wanting to infringe his double life as a bi-sexual husband may cause you to catch AIDS, if his male lover is sleeping around on him.   He may use ask you cunning questions like, 'I thought you loved me?   Didn't you marry me for better or for worse?'   However, your answer should be, I love God and then myself more than you and I married you for better or for worse without putting up with your double lifestyle.    

What's so scary is, there are so many African Americans willing to risk their lives, even after millions have died of AIDS since its' existence.  They are not afraid to live a double life, no matter who they may hurt in the process.  If you are married to the opposite sex, morally it is right for you to be faithful to that one person, otherwise be with the other someone else.  Just because you make the income, you do not have a right to infringe your lifestyle on your spouse.  It is not only unhealthy, it is not right in the eyes of God.  Furthermore, this sort of living arrangement is not healthy for your children.  

Black women, now you must be real with yourself, although you may not have money to move out on your own.   You must find what you want to do in life, no matter how old you are.  Many black women put up with this sort of foolishness, simply because their man is hard working, but God gave you intelligence. Have faith in God and put all your trust in Him.  No, you may not have a good job or the education, but think about it, there are a lot of people in this recession whom have had a good job and a degree in the past and they are homeless, right now.   Therefore, you can become very wealthy without your bi-sexual husband.   If he does not choose to be with only you, then you have got to kneel and pray.  Ask God to help you out of your situation and begin creating a strategic business to help you escape that marriage.

Possibly, you do not have a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. You are not going to be able to live your life without God's help.   Our Word tells us, 'Satan comes to steal, kill and to destroy, but God says He came that we may have life and have it more abundantly (John 10:10).'   No matter how bad your situation is that is causing you to feel trapped, Jesus will be more of a friend to you than those whom have deceived you.  Nothing is too hard for God to do, all He wants is your soul.  If you are not saved and you not only need God to help you, but become a part of your life, we want you to humbly accept Him as your personal Savior.   If this is you, please rush to our Salvation page and receive Jesus into your life.

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