Saturday, September 8, 2012

Black Women carefully choose the fathers of your babies: New Jersey dad guilty in baby bridge death

This cruel father, Shamsidden abdur-Raheem threw his own baby off a New Jersey bridge, after he claims the baby was already injured by the baby's grandmother.  He also was accused of attempting to murder her, which he was found not guilty, but will have to serve time in prison for murdering his baby girl, Zara Malani-Lin Abdur-Raheem.   This is the type of day we are living in, an extremely evil time when black men or black women murder their own babies and children.   Black women, we want to encourage you to carefully choose the fathers of your babies and the only way to discern if they have an evil spirit is if you are a child of God.

Sisters, you cannot continue to date these men without observing what type of spirit they have, good or evil.   Of course, we are not judging baby Zara's mother, Venetta Benjamin, but we are hearing of too many cases of some black fathers not caring about their own children, which has been going on since we were babies. 
Many of us did not have our biological fathers growing up, that's bad enough to have them absent in the home and not raise us or disown us, but we cannot imagine them throwing us off of a bridge, that's just downright evil.   Just think what Zara could have grown up to be as a successful woman?   She could have been a great positive influence to black women, but her own father took that natural right away from her when he tossed her off the New Jersey bridge.   What is so insane about many ungodly black families, is that they are so spiritually blind they cannot see many of them are on a road to hell, simply because of the severe hatred among them.  There are too many lost souls who are heartless like Raheem when he learned of his conviction.   They said he showed no expression when he was found guilty of murdering his baby girl.   Sisters, it does not matter if the man looks good to you or talks to you sweeter than sugar, if his soul is evil, he is a dangerous soul.   Black women, please do not allow a man to share your life or impregnate you with a child, if he is not serving God.   You do not what he is capable of doing to you or your children, if he is not loving and serving God with all heart, mind and soul.

Sisters, if you want God to bless you to have the spirit to discern a man who may have interest in you, you need to give your soul to Jesus Christ.   Would you like Jesus to abide in you and take control of your life?   If this is you, go straight to our Salvation page, now.  God bless you dear sisters and welcome to the body of Christ.

New Jersey dad guilty in baby bridge death


NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. — A jury has found a father guilty of murder for throwing his infant daughter off a New Jersey bridge into a river, in a case that prompted an overhaul of the state's rules on issuing missing children alerts.

Shamsidden Abdur-Raheem, 24, of Galloway Township, wearing a suit and glasses, had his head down and showed no visible reaction as the verdict was...Read full article, here.

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