Sunday, September 2, 2012

Black Teen Girls go from jail cells taking their talent to the stage: Black women, do you recall feeling troubled as a teen girl?

Program Director of Playmaking for Girls, Susie Spear Purcell's vision to take black girls from jail to the stage is something that has help them have a positive image about themselves and a positive outlook on life.  Often times in the black community, it is the black boys whom get more attention than girls whom suppress a lot of emotional pain in their lives.   However, on this following video, we see Purcell really is reaching out to these young black girls who thought they did not matter and one even wanted to commit suicide and no doubt, more than her.   This is how deep the emotional pain has always been among black girls.  However, thank God for Susie Purcell reaching out and showing utmost consideration of what many parents lack for their own daughters in black families.

As we have watched these young black girls on this following video, we deeply feel they are not bad at all.  All they ever wanted was for someone to encourage and take time with them.  Many of us grown black women can recall  feeling troubled not just as teen girls, but as little girls.   In many cases, our fathers were absent in our lives and we watched our half siblings receive attention from their fathers.   Then some of our mothers paid more attention to them as their pride and joy, but when they looked at us, we may not have felt special, because we looked like the fathers they hated.  So their silent message to us was that there was nothing we could ever do that would ever amount up to our brothers or other females such as in-laws in the family.  There are all sorts of reasons why teen girls may end up in jail or just troubled young ladies.   The bitterness sets in and eventually, they just don't care about themselves and no one else.   Many of us did not have a good childhood and can definitely understand these young teen girls, because the root of bitterness sometimes sets in until we learn to get rid of it as adults, which can be very difficult unless we have Jesus Christ in our lives.

We are so proud of these teen girls whom have been in jail and now they have found their talent on stage as actresses.  Thank God for Susie Spear Purcell and her staff or else these teen girls would have always felt as though they could never do anything positive in life.   She is heaven sent.

We would like to invite any of you whom are grown black women and still feel that deep emotional pain when you were a teen girl or even younger to give your lives over to God.   Many of you teenagers right now need God in your life, because you can identify with these girls on the following video.  If this is you, please go to our Salvation page and allow God to remove the pain in your life, because no one can love and understand you like Him.  God bless you and stay strong in Him.

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From detention cells to the stage

By Jamie Gumbrecht, CNN
 (CNN) -- It starts at the mall, with a girl in a pink dress, browsing alone.
"Why is she at the mall?" a teen behind her sputters. "She ain't got no money."
Mona Lisa hears it. It's not the first time she's been picked on. She argues a little, tries to ignore them, but they bump into her and call her names. She wants to run...Read full article, here.


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