Monday, September 3, 2012

Black Couple Wanted for Shooting Deputy, Multiple Carjackings: Black Women, can we team up with black men to do right?

Someone may say this is a perfect duo in the above photo, but this black couple allegedly have been partners in crime.  Darnell Washington, 24, and his wife Tania, 25, must have been facing hard times, because they made a decision to be like Bonnie and Clyde.  They both are accused of several carjackings in Los Angeles and shooting a deputy sheriff, according to   We ask you this very important question, why is it we do not see many black couples together in this era and when we do, some of them decide to team up to do wrong?   Isn't that dysfunctional?

A nice couple does not always have to do with appearance, it has to do with with their spiritual connection.  There needs to be a righteous attraction within the black race, that is, more black men and black women completely giving their souls to Jesus Christ.   Sisters, if you meet a good looking black man and he is attracted to you, please let him know upfront, if the relationship is not under God's authority, you cannot be with him, because you were not made to do wrong, although we all naturally make mistakes.   No matter how much the both of you are financially struggling, do not ever think the both of you can be like Darnell and Tania Washington and try to escape correction.   Darnell and Tania may be on the run, but they will not be able to hide for long.   Let us assure black women, when you make the decision to be a criminal like your man, you will have to pay for what you have done, along with him.   However, there has got to be a better way for black men and black women to come together, but it will never work not unless they both make a decision to walk upright on God's earth.

As black women, we should not have to do wrong, in order to keep a black man by our side.   There needs to be more black women choosing to live right to make a positive impact on black men.  Just because our husband or boyfriend may suggest we commit crime with him, we do not have to prove how much we love him by agreeing with him.   Instead, we should just let him go and choose to be a virtuous woman, because obviously, the marriage or a relationship was a mistake and not designed by God in the first place.   This is a big problem among some black women, they think they have to do anything to please their man, so he won't leave, but it is best to make sure we are following Jesus Christ, so we can please Him and if He disagrees, then it should be easy to tell that man goodbye.   It is better to be alone than to be in jail.

Furthermore, black woman you should be wise to work for what you want in life, do not steal or harm other people, instead get together with your man and start a lucrative business, because when you choose to do right, it is much better than the both of you paying for a crime, you did not have to commit.   Now, Darnell and Tania will have to spend time in prison for serious multiple crimes and no telling when they will ever get another chance to spend time with each other, again, all because they both chose to do wrong.

In the meantime, we will be praying for Darnell and Tania that they both repent for what they have done.

As for you dear sister, do you have a lack of faith that causes you to think you and your man can get away by stealing from other people?   If so, you need for Jesus to come into your life and show you a better way.   Would you like to be saved?   If this is you, go to our Salvation page.  God bless you and remain strong in Him.


Couple Wanted for Shooting Deputy, Multiple Carjackings


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