Friday, September 28, 2012

6 Teen Girls Charged in woman's videotape beating in custody: Black women, teach your daughters love and be ladies

Although, there are four faces shown on the above photo, there were actually six of them whom are now in custody for beating the mentally challenged woman in Chester, Pa.  Sisters, what has become of some of our female teens?  It used to be a time when boys and girls did not beat up on any woman or man, even if they were mentally challenged.   As black women, if these teen girls are not taught by their parents, they need someone to teach them how to love and be ladies. 

There is a possibility these teenagers are trying to be in a gang, but picked on someone too weak to fight back.   According to our source, the unidentified woman told her neighbor she was afraid to tell anyone this is why she did not call police.   You see?   These teen girls knew exactly what they were doing, they assumed they would not get found out, simply because they knew she allegedly appeared to be an emotionally troubled woman.  They possibly saw her all the time and planned to do it, so they could become big-shots on Facebook, but one of the teen's father was wise to turn them in.  This is one of the main reasons why we feel young children and teens should not have accounts on Facebook, simply because some of them, use it in the wrong way.

As black women, it is time to teach these teenage girls how to be ladies, because many of them lack discipline in their homes.   We know a lot of parents do not like for elders to instruct their children these days, so some of us sisters who can find time should create projects to give them information on how to be a lady.   Then, it would be up to them to humbly accept information.  There should be programs across the nation to teach young black teenagers how to be young ladies and gentlemen, not gangsters.   They need to know what to do with their time and how to  use it, wisely.   Also, they need to be informed one of these days, they may become a victim and reap what they sow when they get older, especially if they refuse to change.  If they refuse to make the best out of their lives, it is their choice, but they need to know how to become productive as young ladies, not out in the streets, trying to be bullies against helpless individuals or anyone else.

As we said before, there was a parent who called police, according to,  so not all parents lack discipline.  Possibly, his daughter was already rebellious and he got tired of it and just wanted to teach her a lesson, which is very good.  If he had not of called police, they possibly would have done this again and then could have gotten shot dead.  However, one of the parents who will be seen on one of the following videos claimed she had not spoke with her two daughters, Davis and Bell about the incident.  When your kids do wrong, you should correct them and if they break the law or harm anyone and you know about it, you should do what this father did in this case, call police on your own child.

Watch Video

Watch Video

All suspects in woman's videotaped beating in custody (PHOTO)


Police say all six teenage suspects in the videotaped beating of a mentally disabled woman are now in custody. 

Police tell Action News the remaining two girls were rounded up late Friday afternoon...Read full article, here.


Source, Photo and Video Courtesy:


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