Monday, August 27, 2012

Woman's Body Found 2 Days After Police Neglect Urgent 911 Call: God hears our cry black women, even when no one comes to our rescue

It is such a shame Deanna Cook was allegedly beaten and strangled to death by her ex-husband, Delvecchio Patrick, but her pleas for police to rush to her home were heard on a 911 call.    The 911 call lasted for about 11 minutes and after 9 minutes when police finally found the residence, they walked away when no one answered the door.   Cook previously called her pastor for prayer, prior to her murder, so she really felt her life was in danger.   It maybe very hard for you to accept dear sisters, but the fact remains, God does hear our cry, although no one comes to our rescue.

The 911 operator did not even tell police that Deanna Cook was being attacked, which is a sign of a person who obviously did not care.   You know, some people whom hate us like to see us black women go through emotional trauma, even our own race.  No telling if this was a white woman, a black woman, a black guy, who knows what type of 911 operator heard the entire call when Cook's ex-husband was heard beating her to death.   When her family called police to get them to go check on her, they were told to go to the hospital or prison to see if she was there, first.  However, they ignored that ridiculous suggestion and went to the house and noticed water coming out of the front door, smelled a foul odor and they discovered Deanna's lifeless body, dead.  Let us assure you, God heard this woman's cry, but it is so sad how her plea for help was irrelevant to others.   After two days, her family had to find her lifeless stinking body.

On this following video, you can look at Deanna Cook's ex-husband and see, something is not right.   He appears to be a very evil person, because you can feel the cruel spirit of a person through their eyes.   We encourage you black women whom do not mind being close to God to simply ask Him, if it is His will for you to marry a person.   Do not even take time with a black man, just because it is hard to find one these days to be attracted to you.  You must pray and wait on God to bless you with a good man and when it happens, He won't hurt you.  You must seek God and love Him first before He can send you the right man.   Of course, we are not judging Cook, but for all of you black women whom are always worried if you will ever get married some day, make that the last thing on your mind, for when you rush, it always turns out to be a worst nightmare you will have to deal with for a very longtime.

Some of you black women are in a bad marriage or in a very bad relationship with a boyfriend and do not know how to escape.   You need to get close to God and ask Him to help you safely get away.  If there are threats, you must rush and get a restraining order.  Of course, call police, but as you can clearly see in Deanna's case, they do not always do their job.   Therefore, you must think of a way to move away from your residence, so he will not be able to find you.   It can be very difficult trying to get money to escape, but if you know Christ, He can make this happen for you.

Many of you sisters may not even know the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior.   If not, please get to know Him, because it is better you learn how to be in a relationship with Him before you allow any man to come into your life.   When you have a deep relationship with God, He will show you the right man when He comes to you and it will be His choice, not your own.   Are you ready to be saved?  If so, rush to our Salvation page now and give your life to Jesus Christ before it is everlasting too late.  In the meantime, welcome to the body of Christ and we will keep you in our prayers.

May Deanna Cook rest in peace and we are praying for her family.

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Watch the next clip, regarding Deanna Cook's plea to the 911 operator

CNN talks to sisters of murdered Dallas woman who was heard choking, pleading for her life on 911 call

Hours after Deanna Cook was laid to rest yesterday, two of her sisters appeared on CNN to speak about the terrible way she died. In an interview on Erin Burnett Out Front, Karletha Cook-Gundy and Valecia Battle said their sister did not deserve the low-priority response she got from Dallas police even after she was heard choking and pleading for her life on an open 911 line. She had called 911 on her abusive ex-husband...Read full articles, here.  


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