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Snapped: Why did Shannon Crawley have to kill Denita Smith over a man? Black women in a love triangle should let go

This murder happened in 2007 and it involved Shannon Crawley, Denita Monique Smith (r.) and Jermeir Stroud.  Jermeir had met the deceased victim, Smith, at North Carolina Central University, both were members of the marching band there.  Although Jemier had move to Greensboro to become a police officer, Denita remained in Durham to pursue her Master's degree, but the two remained in a distant relationship.  However, Jemeir spent time with Shannon (l.) when he and Denita were not together.  One man allegedly dating two women would not last forever, because obviously Crawley would not let go, after discovering he was going to remain with Smith.  Ladies, love triangle do not have to exist, but when one woman does not want to let go, she may kill or even in other cases, it could be the man who tries to escape his love triangle and commits murder himself.

Shannon Crawley was found guilty of murdering Denita Smith, although she claimed it was Jemeir who killed her.  After watching the show, "Snapped", we felt Crawley came up with a smooth story, after taking Denita's life.   Throughout the show, it was said that Jemeir was a good-looking man, we did not see that at all, and even if he was an attractive guy, he definitely was not worth one black woman killing another one over him.  Now, Shannon has thrown her life away over a man who did not love her, but he chose to marry the deceased victim, Denita, another black woman who will never get her life back, again.  When you think about it, one man caused two black women to be dead, one spiritually and the other physically.   Ladies, you never give a man the power to drive you to kill another woman and then cause you to lose your mind over him.  No man is ever worth you giving your freedom away, because of his lust.   God has someone for you, but you have to wait on him, you cannot spend time with a man who has no love for you.  For many years, black women have hated each other, because they felt betrayed by a man who spoke cunningly sweet words to them.   Many black women are in prison right now, because they refuse to let go.   One of the main reasons why they refuse to let go, is because they think the man will eventually come around and only be with them and have no further interest with the other woman, but it never ends up that way.   You see, it seems as though Shannon loved Jemeir more than she loved herself and she is not the only black woman who has made this mistake.  Ladies, every last one of you must learn to love yourself more than anyone, regardless of how he makes you feel when you are around him.   Do not listen to his lies, once you catch him with another woman, focus on something more important in your life and learn how to let that man go before you do something you will forever regret.  

Now, Jemeir has lost Denita Smith, forever.  Although, he is still working as a police officer, he will never get to spend the rest of his life in matrimony with the woman he proposed to, all because he allegedly remained in contact with Shannon.  This is the demon of greed, whenever a man wants more than one woman.   The right thing for him to have done was to just remain with Denita and move back to Durham to remain close to her while pursuing his career as a police officer there and then, when she completed her Master's program, they both could have relocated to another state.  His first mistake was to move closer to the other woman.  You ever heard the saying, 'you can't have your cake and eat it too?'  That old cliche is very true and very  real and in this case it is proven accurate, Jermeir could not have two women at once and think he and Denita some day would spend the rest of their lives together in peace, it just does not work that way.  So, although he may not have had anything to do with Denita's murder, he will eventually reap this deadly love triangle.

Poor Denita, it hurt so bad to hear her mother cry in court while facing the killer, Shannon Crawley.  She blurted out, 'I hope you rot in hell, because you took something from me.'   We can certainly understand her pain, her daughter did not deserve to die this way.  However, many times, mothers of the deceased victims mistakenly fail to realize the man is also responsible for not being faithful in the relationship and this is what causes many women of all races to go insane, no excuse, but they just snap when they do not learn how to let go.

We sure hope you certainly learned something from this deadly love triangle. We encourage you to love yourself more than any man and these days, more than any woman who deceives you into thinking they really care, when in fact, they only care about fulfilling their own lustful desires.   So this brings us to this point, if you feel worthless after a man (or woman) has dogged you, we encourage you to give your soul to Jesus before you end up doing something you will forever regret.  You could be like either of these two women one serving a life term in prison and the other one dead.  It is time for black women to learn how to seek Jesus and not seek a man, then when you are in a faithful relationship with Jesus Christ, He will send you the right man who will be faithful to you.   Would you like for Jesus to come into your life, so you can finally let go of anyone who does not love you like you love Him?   Let us assure you, Jesus Christ can give you the love no one else has to offer you.  If this is you, we invite you to go straight to our Salvation page and give your life to God without hesitation.

May Denita Smith rest in peace and our prayers go out to her mother and family.  We also hope and pray Shannon Crawley has surrendered her life to the Lord Jesus Christ and are prayer are also with her.

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