Monday, August 13, 2012

Queens Mom Arrested for Strangling 2-Year-Old Son: Why are some black women killing their children?

Here is another story about a New York mother killing her own child.  Afriyie Gaspard has been charged with murder and manslaughter for strangling her son to death.   We do not know if Gaspard was on drugs, alcohol or both types of controlled substance, but it is too late for her to be crying as the detectives escorted her to the police car.   Of course, we know all races of women have been caught killing their children, but because we are the descendants of slaves in this country, we desire for black women whom are possessed with the demon of murder to think twice before taking their child's life.  Even better, we desire for black women, including all other races to surrender to Jesus Christ, so they won't be driven to  hurt or kill anyone.

Afriyie Gaspard's husband (green shirt) tried to protect his wife from the media, but cameras would not have been in her face had she not strangled her little boy.   We wonder where was he when she had her hands around their son's neck?  Possibly, they both are on drugs and this is the reason why he could not watch and monitor what was going on. This is very sad, it is time for both black men and black women to turn to God and totally submit to His will and His way.   Too many babies are being murdered these days.  

There used to be a time when parents within the black community would never be caught murdering their children, but it seems as though if they refuse to surrender to God, they allow the Devil to control them into doing bad things.  Specifically, it seems as though these mothers whom are getting arrested for killing their children do not have any integrity and they have no shame nor regret for killing their children, except for when they are gone.  For those of us who are born again and been washed by the blood of the Lamb, we still believe we can pray against this demonic spirit that has been killing children through their own mothers and fathers.  We pray and believe God will speak to their minds, so they will no longer desire to harm their children and we must do this day or night whenever we spend time in prayer with Jesus Christ.

If you are a troubled black woman and sometimes you feel you lose control of yourself, you need God to come into your life.  Do you want to be saved?   If you have walked away from God, it is not too late to come back to Him.   It does not matter who put you down or told you are nothing, God loves you and He is concerned about your life.   If you are on drugs or alcohol, God can deliver you from either addiction and even both of them.   Sisters, surrender your life to God and allow Him to be the ruler of your life.  If this is you, rush to our Salvation page now and give your soul to Jesus Christ.   God bless you.

In the meantime, we will be praying for Afriyie Gaspard and her husband.  We will pray they both surrender to God and serve Him.   May Izayah Hall rest in peace, he's in a better place with Jesus Christ, eternally.

Queens Mom Arrested for Strangling 2-Year-Old Son

QUEENS — A woman was arrested Monday and charged with strangling her two-year-old son to death.
Afriyie Gaspard's son, Izayah Hall, was found unconscious in the family's Jewel Avenue apartment in Pomonok...Read full article, here.

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