Friday, August 24, 2012

Prince George-Amber Deanna Stanley, Honors Student Shot Dead In Bed: Black Women of all ages are dying before their time

This young lady was shot dead while asleep in her home.   Amber Stanley was an honors student whom had her whole life ahead of her.  She was planning to attend Harvard, but someone ended that dream when they walked into her bedroom while she was asleep and shot her to death.  Now, police are allegedly calling this a home invasion, but we question their judgement, because the gunman only harmed her, we did not hear he stole anything and the shooter left her big sister and foster sister alone and ceased the household.  Therefore, this sounds like it could have been a personal attack on the deceased victim.

On America's Most Wanted, we just watched a story about a family whom lived in the suburbs of Omaha, Nebraska.   A mother and son were both attacked in their home and the only evidence investigators could find was the young boy had chatted with several people on the internet on game sites.   However, we are not insinuating Amber was browsing the internet and that was the reason for her death, what we are referring to, is that this possibly was a personal attack from someone whom could have known her.  For this reason, why would the gunmen go directly to her bedroom, shoot her dead and then, just leave without hurting anyone else?   Again, we did not hear that this gunman took any possessions or maybe we missed it.  Then, on the NBC report, we heard that there were recent allegations on the assault on the foster child, but police do not know if that was any connection to Amber's death.

Of course, we are not insinuating the 17-year old foster child had anything to do with the murder of honor student, Amber Stanley, but investigators should speak with her.  Not all foster children, but some of them can be very troubled kids, because they are placed in homes with other families, not related to them.   Some foster children can be very manipulative and very jealous of their foster parents real children.   Therefore, this strange case may not be very difficult, if police would just look a little closer at those whom were unharmed during the time of the murder.

During the time of the murder, Stanley had an older sister, 37 years old, she should also be questioned by police, although she may not have had anything to do with her little sister's murder.

Black women of all ages, whether they are adults, teens or young children, Satan is cutting off our sisters lives before their time.   Now, we do not know the personal life of this young lady, but for the rest of you, we always try to make sure you totally surrender your life to Jesus Christ, so you can have His divine protection.   As our Word tells us in John 10:10, 'The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.'   Many times, we as black women are very troubled in our lives, because Satan works through people whom are closet to us or people we just know, but not very close to.  The Devil brings on the demon of jealousy to torment us, because He knows God has great things in store for our lives and desires to use us for His glory.   Therefore, it is not always strangers whom wish to do Satan's assignment to destroy our lives, it is those whom know us.   So, this brings us to this point, are there any of our dear sisters who need Jesus Christ in your life, so you can live for Him?  By doing so, He can guard you from your enemies?   If you are not saved, we invite you to allow God to come into your life, so He can send His angels to take charge over your life.  Maybe you are saved, but you need spiritual strength from God, because you still are not happy in your life, because of jealous people you live with.    We suggest you go straight to our Salvation page, there, you will see a link to watch videos on how you can remain saved, even when your enemies try to drive you away from salvation.

In the meantime, we are praying for Amber's mother who was not home at the time of the murder and her friends at the Charles Herbet Flowers high school.   May Amber Deanna Stanley rest in peace.

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Teenaged Honor Student Killed in Home Invasion

By Audrey Barnes, @Audreybarnestv


Prince George's County Police are still searching for the gunman who killed a 17-year-old honor student in her bed.

Amber Stanley was shot multiple times while others inside the home fled.

Neighbors say there has been a lot of increased traffic on Chartsey Street lately where Stanley lived with her mother...Read full article, here.


Source and Video: NBC Washington
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